TSIA Interact: The Haves & The Have Nots, Virtual Conference

TSIA Interact sessions are now on-demand. RTM Consulting on-demand sessions at TSIA Interact include:

Interactive Breakout Session | Converting Your Training Budget into a Smart Investment

Skills development is fundamental to a successful Professional Services Organization. PSOs are constantly being challenged to grow and develop the skillset of their delivery practitioners in order for them to remain effective at the jobs we ask them to do every day. We know most PSOs establish an annual training budget, but how do you operationalize your budget and convert it into a smart training investment?

This highly interactive session shared valuable insight and engaged the audience in exploring ways to maximize training budgets in support of delivering higher value outcomes for customers and increased employee engagement.

Featured White Paper – More Bang for Your Buck: Best Practices for Increasing the Effectiveness of Skills Development for PSOs


Business Challenge Accelerator Session | Next Gen Resource Management Tools and Best Practices

Is your resource management team organized correctly? Has it invested properly and has it been chartered to produce clear, meaningful business outcomes? What does a clear resource management charter look like and how can that charter help elevate RM to a strategic function? What are the people, process, tools, and metrics needed to help resource management drive business results and be that strategic function in your company? In other words, what is “Next Gen” resource management? This interactive session brought experts and peers together to collaborate and work on this business challenge, learn from one another, and produce new insights.

Featured White Paper – Self-Assessment Guide for Resource Management