The Challenge

Managing the need for building a flexible, capable and cost-effective technical support workforce is a growing challenge for technology companies around the globe. Rising labor costs, increasing competition, demographic shifts of available resources, training and retaining needs, and more all add up to complexity which, when not properly managed, will adversely affect customer satisfaction and profitability.

The Solution

Technical Support as a Service, a new and comprehensive solution offered exclusively by RTM Consulting for technical support services organizations, delivers a strategic approach to gaining real competitive advantage in your business and with your clients. TSaaS, a unique solution personalized to your particular company’s product support needs, is a part of RTM Consulting’s Just-in-Time Resourcing® (JITR) family of solutions that helps service providers get the right person in the right place at the right time. It is a flexible, cost-effective, on-demand technical support solution designed exclusively for complex technical products and solutions.

TSaaS is not just a point solution to address labor challenges, but instead is part of a larger suite of offerings from RTM Consulting to ensure that your entire service operation is optimized. This includes, industry leading Shift to the Left Service Delivery Channel Optimization that helps ensure you do not optimize labor alone when the better solution might be providing delivery for the customer on-line or on-call. It drives significantly improved utilization of your most valuable and expensive resources… your Technical Support and Field Engineers. It also enables your organization to effectively manage the inherent variability that comes with managing a geographically dispersed workforce that supports an on-demand model supporting sophisticated service solutions. TSaaS is the only industry solution that effectively balances shareholder value, client/customer service levels and employee needs.

Our Approach

RTM Consulting brings industry leading thought leadership, process design and management, supporting technology for process automation and experienced service leaders to ensure effective execution and accelerated time to results. Every TSaaS engagement begins by assessing your current environment to ensure we understand your total support environment, needs, gaps, current costs and support capabilities, desired results and more. Armed with this information, we construct a solution personalized to your company’s needs, designed to optimize customer satisfaction, profitability and shareholder value.

We then design and automate the right processes which are integrated with industry leading cloud based technology. TSaaS is supported by an on-line contractor marketplace with a pool of over 50,000 service professionals and provides the ability to support and optimize every stage of a flexible workforce led technical support process. We find, verify, engage, manage, pay and rate (with a flexible variable cost workforce) every service incident in a seamless manner. And of course, TSaaS is led by experienced RTM Consulting support and field services professionals. The entire TSaaS solution is very customizable.

The TSaaS solution delivers:

  • Better financial performance – optimized labor costs while opening doors to new revenue opportunities
  • Driving improved levels of customer service
  • Creates a flexible and variable cost technical services workforce more adaptable to rapidly changing industry needs
  • Overall helps improve shareholder value

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