The Challenge

Today’s increasingly complex technology solutions are making it more and more difficult for customers to adopt all of the available features and functionality and achieve maximum value from their investments. This ultimately diminishes client satisfaction and loyalty, threatening client retention and future revenue streams for technology vendors.

For services organizations within technology companies, this trend represents a tremendous opportunity to increase their value by aligning their services portfolio with their clients’ most pressing need: achieving real value from the product.

For today’s SaaS and license based software vendors, driving user adoption is the most critical element in growing company revenues.

Our Approach

Technology companies need a methodical, proactive approach for driving how new and existing clients gain value from their products. RTM Consulting will help you achieve this with its Value Realization Framework designed to evolve your services team from product implementation and support roles to valued advisors.

  • Understanding the Customer Experience – Successful companies continually gather data about how customers use their products. With RTM Consulting’s Value Realization Framework in place, your consultants will be able to identify more creative opportunities for the user to gain greater benefit from the product. This will naturally lead to new service offerings, improvements to implementation methodologies, and more insightful, valuable input for product management.
  • Services Strategy to Drive Value Realization – To ensure that your PS strategy supports value realization, we will first examine how services are positioned throughout the sales process to understand the value proposition and differentiation that you are currently selling. This allows us to evaluate the scope of services being offered and to help you identify opportunities for your team to better address the process and organizational challenges that clients face actually using your product. Addressing these questions will place your company in a much stronger trusted advisor position early in the customer life cycle, leading to increased ‘wallet share’ across client engagements.
  • Talent Management – A total solution, services-oriented approach to value realization requires resources who can understand the client’s operating model, business processes, and end user requirements. We will help you to identify and staff these resources to better influence customer behavior and direction, and advise on the process and organizational impacts associated with the implementation and operation of your products.
  • Go to Market Enablement – To ensure that your value realization message is clearly delivered and understood both internally and externally, you must place focus and investment on redefining your service offerings and related marketing materials. RTM Consulting can help you evolve your message from descriptive to value-based, and to broaden your message and service offerings to address everything your client will need as a result of implementing and operating your technology.

How We Do It

Driving greater product adoption through improved value realization affects all areas of your Professional Services Organization (PSO). RTM Consulting recommends a two phased approach to tackling this challenge.

Assess & Architect Phase:

  • We review all areas of the PSO for current strategies, practices and processes in support of value realization.
  • We help you leverage RTM Consulting’s Value Realization Framework to identify operational gaps in areas of strategy, delivery, and go-to-market approaches. This enables us to help you define a blueprint and prioritized implementation plan.
  • Duration of this phase is typically 4-6 weeks.

Build & Refine Phase:

  • Next, we assist you in implementing the processes, tools, and changes identified in the Assess & Architect Phase.
  • Throughout this process, we will ensure that you establish an iterative approach to implementing solutions quickly and with the greatest possible impact for your clients.

Finally, with our assistance, you will be able to implement an ongoing measurement framework to track completion of the transformation plan, and effectively measure its impact.

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