The Challenge

Service revenues for both hardware and software companies have grown much faster than product revenues since 2000. And not only have the revenues grown rapidly—overall margins have improved substantially as well.

But this isn’t just another short-lived trend to be. In the most successful technology companies, support services are taking on an important new role. Innovative services executives are leading their organizations—and companies—into the future by delivering Value Added Services—those services that help companies sell more products, faster. For the technology industry, it’s a watershed moment.

As a result, effectively developing and delivering quality Support Services has become a critical component for success. Today’s technology (e.g. hardware or software) companies are tasked with delivering increasingly complex and more advanced solutions to market, with greater support than ever before.

For many Support Services leaders however, technology disruption, changing client support patterns, new forms of competition, labor issues, and more add up to a challenging environment for the business of support services.

The Solution

RTM Consulting (RTMC) has developed its Support Services offerings to help technology companies assess, develop, and deliver the value-added support services capabilities required for market success.

By partnering with RTMC, you can accelerate time to value, avoid surprises and unnecessary investments, optimize labor and other support related costs, and achieve the support capability and capacity you need to maintain a competitive edge.

Our Approach

For an existing support services operation, RTM Consulting uses our deep consulting expertise to compare and contrast your Support Services operation with industry best practices and results. Equipped with these valuable insights, RTMC can help you build an appropriate solution to a particular business problem, or an operations-wide business transformation plan to help your Support Services operation become best in class and accelerate time to value. Some ways RTMC can help you:

  • Determine the right support strategy and develop clear and effective support charters
  • Create a financial model aligned with the support services charter
  • Advise or assist with needed business transformation
  • Determine the right investments, infrastructure, and tools to support the process
  • Build an effective and efficient operational model
  • Make your organization more agile to meet your ebbs and flows of your customer demand
  • Create a reporting plan to communicate the importance of Support Services to the company and customer executive team
  • Establish the leadership and governance needed to ensure ongoing success

If your business is building a new support services operation, RTMC can be equally helpful with building the support operation you need to accomplish your business objectives.

Our Consulting Services

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Workforce Management

Do you get full value out of your employees, even after hours? Are they in the right place at the right time?

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Knowledge Management

Are your agents able to quickly and consistently answer known issues globally

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Revenue Growth & Protection

How can you use Support Services to grow and retain revenue!

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Contact Channel Management

Are you able to get your customers to the right channel at the right time? Are your channels cost effective? Have you enabled self-help capabilities?

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Customer Centricity

Are you and your customer on the same page? Are you measuring items that are important to them?

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Global Health Check

Does your customer get a consistent experience regardless of where their call is answered?

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Start With Our Global Health Check Service

Our unique Global Health Check will provide your operation an accelerated diagnostic to compare and contrast your operation with best practices and results in your industry. RTM Consulting will assess your environment versus our proven framework that will help you deliver services required to build loyalty and grow revenue at the lowest possible cost.

Contact RTM Consulting to gain access to our insights and experience with this critical aspect of running your business. For a downloadable brochure about our Support Services, click here.

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