The Challenge

Recent years have been tough for technology hardware companies. Hardware revenues in the industry continue to slide along with margins. During this same period, field services executives know all too often they have been challenged with reducing costs, while maintaining or improving services levels. Stopping the erosion of revenue and margin, and finding ways to grow revenues and simultaneously improving customer service seem nearly impossible.

Meanwhile, the hardware pacesetters in the industry have turned to services as a way to demonstrate greater value and build more of a solutions approach embracing hardware as part of a larger solution. Innovative or advanced Field Services (FS) focused on delivering better customer outcomes are the answer. But the fact is today’s FS teams either don’t have the budget, the skills, the bandwidth, or all three to make this transition. But there are answers out there!

The Solution

RTM Consulting (RTMC) has developed its Field Services transformation services to help technology companies define, develop, and deliver value-added and outcomes focused FS capabilities required for market success.

By partnering with RTMC, you can accelerate time to value, avoid surprises and unnecessary investments, optimize labor and other support related costs, and achieve the support capability and capacity you need to maintain a competitive edge.

Our Approach

RTM Consulting uses our deep consulting expertise to focus on your specific FS business need(s). We compare and contrast your FS specific need, or even your entire FS operation, with industry best practices and results. Equipped with these valuable insights and our innovative frameworks, RTMC can help you build an appropriate solution to a particular business problem, or an operations-wide business transformation plan to help your FS operation become best in class and accelerate time to value for customers and better results for your company.

RTMC consultants are all previous FS industry practitioners who bring an experience-based and practical hands-on approach to problem identification and transformation leading to real results.

Our Consulting Services

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Workforce Management

WFM assists with the process of getting technicians dispatched to where they need to be through sound processes for forecasting, dispatching, skills mix management, understanding your customer’s demands, and use of modern WFM automation tools.

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Labor Optimization

A more complete, but accelerated look at your labor universe is our QuickStart assess and architecture approach whereby we review your As-Is capabilities, compare current performance and create a gap analysis, architect a To-Be labor management process, and define the execution plan.

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Parts Management

Reducing variability is an overlooked area of parts cost management that can quickly lead to a substantial amount of cost savings. FS leaders, constantly being challenged with thin budgets, can focus on parts variability to help drive economic value to the bottom line.

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Vehicle Fleet Optimization

Using our rapid assessment methodology or, where appropriate, lean Six Sigma strategies to assess your current vehicle management performance, we identify where the quick hits are to improve vehicle fleet management leading to better business outcomes including cost savings and more responsive customer service.

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Channel Optimization

Shift to the Left is about moving high cost services delivery channels to lower cost delivery channels. It combines an innovative Strategic Framework and Transformational Model, as well as the effective use of remote solutions to appropriately shift services delivery from on-site to on-call and on-line.

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First Call Resolution

It is not difficult to understand why FS organizations find improving their FCR/FVR to be a high priority. Organizations that satisfactorily resolve more customer issues in a single contact can improve customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and improve their overall financial performance.

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