On-Demand Webinar: Tune to the Market — Five Steps To Adapting To Changing Demand

Innovating in the face of rapid market and technological change is a key challenge for consulting businesses. Taking a strategic approach and having an agreed process can help to steer the business in the right direction.

In this webinar, Marc Lacroix, Managing Partner at RTM Consulting, and Rob Bruce, VP of Product Marketing at Kimble, discuss the unique principles professional services organizations must understand to effectively adjust to and embrace these demand changes. The webcast addresses establishing a formal, strategic approach to developing service offerings, forecasting demand for skills and service offerings, and channeling key resources towards innovation.

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On-Demand Webinar: 2018 State of Resource Management: Latest Research, Best Practices

Too many services organizations and internal IT departments continue to struggle with how to address the complex challenges of managing human capital efficiently and effectively. This struggle has contributed to project performance failures exceeding 35%. Consistent and predictable deployment and utilization of project based resources is the difference maker for achieving peak project performance while minimizing labor costs.

Over the past year, the Resource Management Institute began conducting formal research via surveys and have compiled valuable information to help you benchmark your RM operations, and learn how other companies are addressing the most complex resource management challenges related to strategy, process and technology support.

This webcast shares the very latest in research for resource management, and a discussion of trends and best practices being used to address some of the most complex resource management challenges for project based businesses in the IT services space.

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On-Demand Webinar: 2017 State of Resource Management: Key Trends in RM Best Practices

This webcast provides key trends in resource management best practices across the industry and some of the issues that challenge the application of these practices. Joining us during this webcast is Rob Spreadbury, Global Operations Director, Professional Services at NCR to share their experiences implementing these leading resource management best practices throughout their global organization.

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On-Demand Webinar: PSA 2.0: What is Driving the Needs of Service Organizations Today?

For Professional and Consulting Services organizations, Professional Services Automation (PSA) is the industry standard, but this has not always been the case. Historically, organizations have implemented a wide range of solutions to meet their needs, including some of the early PSA pioneers or amalgamated uses of enterprise applications like ERP. In the last few years, however, due to the disruptions of cloud, mobility and data-centric management, there have been seismic shifts in PS automation and PSA enablement. Service organizations are investing in improving automation and PSA adoption is growing. We are calling this trend PSA 2.0, the next wave of PS automation.

This webcast provides insights into what is driving the needs of services organizations today and how the PSA market is innovating to meet these demands. Joining RTM Consulting during this webcast is John Ragsdale, Vice President of Technology and Social Research for Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA).

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On-Demand Webinar: Ready to bury your resource management spreadsheet?

PS organizations as well as enterprise IT organizations are still struggling to drop their old school ways of thinking to embrace productivity. If a business aims to be successful in overseeing globally dispersed teams and leading them on projects and tasks, there are key things that must happen. For starters, bury the resource management spreadsheet and welcome its successor, the best-of-breed resource management solution.

Experts from RTM Consulting and Tenrox by Upland take you through the benefits of using a tool that allows you to manage resources and schedules across your entire organization and make sure the right people are working on the right projects, at the right time and in the right place.

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On-Demand Webinar: Successful Strategies for Scaling Your Services Organization

Whether you are a new or well established services firm, you face the same fundamental challenge of how to scale your organization to the next level. CRM, professional services automation (PSA) and accounting systems can help, providing greater visibility of operational data on which to base your decision making. But to progress on your growth journey, you have to find ways to empower more of your team to make decisions and provide a framework to ensure that these decisions are consistently correct.

Pulled from our experience of implementing automation for numerous services organizations and consulting companies, this presentation provides real-world examples of what provides value and what does not. Industry experts from RTM Consulting and Kimble explain how a process-centric and outcome-orientated approach rapidly delivers higher profitability and scalability for your services organization.

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On-Demand Webinar: Announcing the Launch of the New Resource Management Institute

The Resource Management Institute (RMI) has launched! The RMI is the industry’s first and only Institute dedicated to the advancement of thought leadership in resource and workforce management. Randy Mysliviec, Managing Director of the RMI, and industry resource management leaders discuss the launch of the RMI, the Institute’s mission and vision for the resource and workforce management community, and share how you can get involved in this important industry development.

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On-Demand Webinar: The Fast Path to Cost Reduction in Labor, Parts and Vehicles

The Variability Reduction technique provides an agile solution that gets you fact based data fast to focus on where real and rapid cost reduction opportunities can be found, while also identifying and enabling customer service improvement opportunities. Here is an example of a recent situation:

  • Variability Reduction was used with a $5B+ hardware/software firm…
  • It helped them achieve parts cost savings exceeding $1.5M/month, while overall improving customer service…
  • Making this transformation effort even more interesting was the time from problem identification to real savings was less than six months…
  • And the savings were/are expected to continue on in future years!

Watch this 30 minute webcast to learn how sophisticated service delivery teams have figured out how to reduce costs by using Variability Reduction as a proven method to get results fast. Joining RTM Consulting is Pitney Bowes providing a case study perspective of their experiences utilizing Variability Reduction.

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On-Demand Webinar: Designing a Superior Customer Experience: Service Engineering 2.0

In our conversations with field services executives, it’s clear that there is a renewed focus on the customer experience and these organizations are well aware of the importance of getting the customer experience right.

The question now becomes how many organizations are actively taking the steps necessary to improve and deliver a superior customer experience that will differentiate them from the competition. Building a more tightly integrated approach to engineering the customer experience is not easy but can be done. It requires rethinking how we approach service delivery design and execution, what we measure, and how we ultimately achieve better customer outcomes.

In this webcast Randy Mysliviec, President and CEO of RTM Consulting, and Vele Galovski, VP of Research for Field Services for TSIA, discuss trends and best practices in designing a superior customer experience.

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On-Demand Webinar: 2016 State of Resource Management: Key Trends in RM Best Practices

Resource management continues to be one of the best levers for managing the economics of a professional services business, yet too many companies still struggle with how to address the complex challenges of managing human capital efficiently and effectively. Industry executives know that consistent and predictable deployment and utilization of project based resources is the difference maker for achieving peak project performance while minimizing labor costs.

RTM Consulting, the world leader in Resource Management consulting, process transformation and training, takes a comprehensive look at the State of Resource Management. This highly informative webcast provides key trends in resource management best practices across the industry and some of the issues that challenge the application of these practices.

On-demand webcast session entitles you to obtain 1 RMCP® PCU credit and/or 1 PDU credit for watching.

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On-Demand Webinar: RMCP®: Professional Certification for Resource Managers

Services intensive businesses understand the vast majority of their cost is invested in people. Therefore, highly efficient management of your biggest cost line item just makes good business sense. Recent research makes it clear that while the professional and consulting services industry has invested in process improvements to enhance project performance, quality and cost of delivery, the industry is actually getting worse at resource management! This trend must be reversed for any services organization to be successful.

With labor costs pressures continuing their relentless pace, demand for resource management skills will grow exponentially. During this webinar, Randy Mysliviec, President, and CEO, RTM Consulting, discusses how resource management certification fills a critical industry void that will benefit human capital intensive business immediately. Some corporate adopters of the resource management certification program join Randy and share their perspectives on the program and application of what they learned from the certification process.

If you want to achieve a high level of proficiency in RM theory and application, and commit to professional development and a career in RM, watch this highly informative webcast.

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On-Demand Webinar – First Call/Visit Resolution: Getting it Fixed the First Time

Learn How Technology & Process Breakthroughs are Changing the Way Service Organizations Achieve Superior FCR/FVR Performance.

Every field services or support services team has first call/visit resolution (FCR/FVR) in their metrics, which measure the ability to answer or solve the customer’s problems on the first contact or visit. And the data is compelling – do this well and your cost structure will be attractive and your customer service reputation will be strong. This informative webcast brings together industry experts from RTM Consulting and Astea International to discuss:

  • The very powerful correlation between FCR/FVR and customer satisfaction
  • Three fundamental components of a customer service ecosystem essential to getting customers problems fixed on the first visit
  • How technology and process synergistically can drive a better customer experience

Discover how best-of-breed suppliers are combining powerful software solutions with a more holistic, strategic process-based approach to consistent and predictable FCR/FVR.

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On-Demand Webinar: Making the Case for a PMO

Every delivery leader would agree that consistent, standard, repeatable delivery execution is a goal of every organization. For Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) of any reasonable size, a Project Management Office (PMO) is essential to achieving this goal. Too often, however, organizations do not have one, have abandoned them or have not adequately structured and funded them to be effective. This is a missed opportunity to bring more value to your organization through more consistent project performance and execution. The fact is there is a strong correlation between the existence of a PMO and project success, however, not all PMOs are the same. Each organization is different, and PMOs can be structured to meet the unique needs of each organization.

This webcast will help you make the case for having a PMO, and then provide guidance on how to get started on your path to an impactful PMO. Joining RTM Consulting during this webcast will be Bo Di Muccio, VP Research, Professional Services at Technology Services Industry Association.

On-demand webcast session entitles you to obtain 1 RMCP® PCU credit and/or 1 PDU credit for watching.

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On-Demand Webinar: Top 5 Practices for Successfully Managing Project Expectations

Every person in service delivery should ask themselves – and all involved at the inception of a project – What is the definition of success for this project? It seems simple, but it’s infrequently done. We offer a simple definition of success that can apply to all projects – A Successful project is when the team delivered what was required and in-line with expectations. The definition is light on specifics but very clear.

The traditional definitions of project success tend to be what people can measure: on-budget, on-time, customer’s satisfaction. These KPIs are a single, measurable criteria for success. Back to the simple definition, success is about meeting everyone’s expectations. This introduces a broader set of success criteria: easier to use, lowered admin time, access to reporting data. These criteria are driven more by stakeholder’s expectations of the project and it is these expectations that are influencing their views of success.

Managing Partner Marc Lacroix discusses the top 5 practices for successfully managing project expectations.

On-demand webcast session entitles you to obtain 1 RMCP® PCU credit and/or 1 PDU credit for watching.

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On-Demand Webinar: Control the Controllable… Proven Best Practices in Reducing Parts Cost

Quickly Capture Parts Cost Savings by Managing Variability.

One of the processes that is 100% in control of Field Services Management is parts variability. Variability management is something most service organizations understand, but very few effectively manage well and are therefore leaving big cost savings on the table. Effectively managing parts usage variability at discrete levels (individual, team, geography, on-site versus off-site, customer segment, product platform, etc.) can routinely lead to capturing 5 – 10% in parts cost savings. This webcast shows how some companies are making more effective variability management a cornerstone of their business model transformation as a part of optimizing their current cost structure to meet current financial commitments, as well as to provide the investment dollars needed to transition to an outcome based service model.

During the webcast, Pitney Bowes, brings a case study perspective of how they were able to significantly lower their parts cost through effective variability management.

Also, joining RTM Consulting during this webcast is Vele Galovski, VP Research, Field Services at TSIA, with perspective on how TSIA builds variability assessments into their Field Service Benchmarks to help significantly improve your Field Services results. After watching this webinar, you will leave with very specific actions and practical tips that you and your team can take to optimize your cost structure.

On-demand webcast session entitles you to obtain 1 PDU credit.

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On-Demand Webinar: After the Shift! Steps to Successfully Execute on the Journey to an Outcome Based Services Model

What is ‘After the Shift’?

Field and Support organizations are challenged today to replace traditional service offerings, where technical services are provided for a fixed price, to new models where technical services revenues are earned by delivering positive customer outcomes. The most challenging problem is a short-term financial one. As the operating models transition, the service organization finds itself unable to deliver short-term financial commitments and generate the investment dollars needed to enable a successful operating model transformation. This webinar provides specific actions services leadership need to take now to ensure they can shift from a traditional service supplier to a differentiated and highly competitive supplier delivering improved customer outcomes.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Effectively improve results to deliver current year commitments and provide investments required for business model transformation
  • Successfully migrate to a B4B business model
  • Strategically develop and gain alignment within your company to enable a successful transition
  • Survive, professionally and personally, by avoiding common failure modes

Ultimately, successful B4B companies will deliver superior financial performance (for themselves and their customers), an improved customer experience with their solution, and a significantly more engaged employee workforce.

On-demand webcast session entitles you to obtain 1 PDU credit.

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On-Demand Webinar: Resource Management 2.0 — The Next Chapter in Achieving Just-in-Time Resourcing®

Recent research makes it clear that while the professional and consulting services industry has invested in process improvements to enhance project performance, quality and cost delivery, the industry is actually getting worse at Resource Management (RM)! Given that labor cost in services is your biggest cost element, these trends must be reversed for any professional or consulting services organization to be successful. In this webinar, Randy Mysliviec, CEO and RM pioneer, discusses five key industry barriers to success and how to overcome them to achieve true Just-in-Time Resourcing® – enabling your team to predictably get the Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time.

Joining RTM Consulting for this webcast is Richard Busch, Director, Professional Services Operations at Informatica. Rich brings a case study perspective of how Informatica put real RM processes in place to achieve step change results in resource utilization, project support and more.

Learn how to become masters of Resource Management and achieve real Just-in-Time Resourcing®, register now to view the webinar.

On-demand webcast session entitles you to obtain 1 RMCP® PCU credit and/or 1 PDU credit for watching.

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On-Demand Webinar: Shift to the Left! Delivering Discontinuous Improvements with Remote Solutions

Shift to the Left is about moving high-cost services delivery channels to lower cost delivery channels… and do it in a way that improves the overall experience for your customers. It combines an innovative Strategic Framework and Transformation Process, as well as the effective use of remote solutions to shift services delivery from on-site to on-call and on-line. Remote solutions provide the ability to use people, process and technology to enable flexibility and provide services regardless of your customer’s location.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Achieve discontinuous improvements in financial performance, customer experience and employee productivity by using remote solutions to optimize service delivery channels
  • Use Strategic Frameworks and Transformation Processes to effectively execute rapid and needed change in your service delivery operations
  • Make remote solutions a company-wide, and not a service only, initiative
  • Quantify the benefits from remote solutions to justify investments required to optimize your delivery channels
  • Avoid the common failure modes in implementing remote solutions

On-demand webcast session entitles you to obtain 1 PDU credit.

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On-Demand Webinar: Benefits of a Knowledge Management Powered Project Management Office

Not only are projects becoming increasingly complex, but organizations are facing an even greater challenge of delivering more project value while ensuring demanding customers are satisfied with the solution. Project Management is a knowledge intensive discipline which requires skilled professionals to manage and deliver projects on-time, on-budget and with exceptional quality on a consistent basis. To address these growing challenges, organizations have focused on creating Project Management Offices (PMOs) supported by process automation technology.

What most organizations often forget is the key component of every project – people. And people, empowered with knowledge, leads to project success. People with access to knowledge management capabilities benefit the organization by:

  • Leveraging existing knowledge capital accelerating successful project completions
  • Avoiding project pitfalls learned from past similar implementations
  • Locating necessary resources more quickly
  • Sharing organizational learnings for future benefit of the organization and clients

RTM Consulting presents, Benefits of a Knowledge Management Powered Project Management Office. During this webcast you will learn how a comprehensive KM practice helps Project Managers streamline and improve usable knowledge capital, enable knowledge sharing and leverage knowledge capital to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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On-Demand Webinar: Professional Services in the Cloud – Best Practices to Maximize Success

Making the transition from supporting premise based solutions to cloud based solutions has become a struggle for some technology services organizations. Though services organization often struggle with the transition, successful PSO leaders are readily embracing the opportunities associated with this model for their organizations including:

  • Staffing skilled resources across multiple client implementations
  • Managing virtual, global staffing more effectively
  • Blurring the lines of implementation and support to minimize post production quality issues

But PSO leaders need to be mindful of the new management and operational challenges this model can present. This webcast combines deep operational experience and proven best practices from RTM Consulting with industry leading research from TSIA. Join Randy Mysliviec, CEO, RTM Consulting and Bo DiMuccio, VP of Professional Services, TSIA for this session and learn about key practices that lead to achieving better results while avoiding the many pitfalls experienced by professional services teams around the globe.

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