Our Resource Management Capabilities

At RTM Consulting, we are deeply committed to advancing Resource Management (RM). Since our inception, we have set the industry standard in this vital area. We firmly believe that your resources are your most valuable assets. Therefore, optimizing these processes is paramount. Whether you operate with client-facing services such as consulting, professional services, and IT services, or manage IT, product development, and engineering teams, we specialize in helping you enhance your RM capabilities. Our mission is to ensure you have the right person with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time, with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Just-in-Time Resourcing® (JITR) is our comprehensive framework for resource management leading practices for a wide range of resource-intensive delivery and enterprise organizations.  Each area of JITR has evolved and expanded over time through learning and collaboration between the RTMC, its customers and partners, and numerous RTMC consulting engagements. We have helped many customers over the years design and implement world class global resource management capabilities by leveraging our extensive resource management experience and Just-in-Time Resourcing® framework (JITR).

Our Resource Management Services

RTMC guides organizations at various stages of RM implementation and maturity, from assessment and recommendation to operational deployment and technological integration. This holistic approach suggests a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in RM and a commitment to providing tailored solutions to meet client needs effectively.

Assess & Architect Projects:

  • Purpose: Evaluate the current RM practices of organizations and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Approach: Utilize JiTR (presumably Just in Time Resource) methodology to assess against leading industry practices.
  • Outcome: Deliver a blueprint for enhancing RM maturity, tailored to the specific needs and current state of the organization.

Resource Management Build & Operate:

  • Challenge: Acknowledgment of the difficulties in deploying RM due to cultural barriers, change management issues, and lack of practical experience.
  • Solution: Offer various delivery models to support organizations in establishing effective RM practices.
  • Support: Provide leadership, support, and expertise necessary for organizations to develop a world-class RM function.

Resource Management Technology & Automation:

  • Technology Integration: Recognize the critical role of technology in RM, regardless of organizational scale.
  • Expertise: Possess extensive experience in navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of RM technology solutions. We are well-versed in major vendors within the RM technology space, ensuring compatibility and integration with existing technology ecosystems.
  • Services Provided: Assist in designing, selecting, and implementing appropriate technology solutions.

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