Competing in the digital age requires innovation, speed, quality, operational excellence, and creative application of technology to achieve competitive advantage. Digital transformation is more than a buzzword – it defines how we use information technology solutions to improve and enable your critical business processes. Digital solutions need to be coupled with proper service process design, training and customer support. These ‘Services’ become the glue for your solutions and the key to delivering better business outcomes and customer success. At RTM Consulting we have a passion for helping project-based service organizations get better at what they do!

For years, the industry has invested heavily in project management as the key to better financial success and customer outcomes. At RTMC we discovered through research and dozens of business transformation projects with our clients, that the primary reason for project and service failures was poor resource and workforce management (right person, right place, right time), all while the industry continued to invest primarily in project and quality management. While project and quality management remain important, these facts, the increasingly complex labor market and emergence of the gig economy require companies to put more focus than ever on better resource and workforce management.

Our unique Just-in-Time Resourcing® brand of human capital management solutions has become a powerful differentiator for many different types of service providers. In addition to our offerings to support better Global Resource and Workforce Management, we also offer a full range of services for Project and Portfolio Management, Services Business Optimization, Digital Transformation, and Training necessary to compete in the digital age. Combined with our Business Acceleration Services we can help your company achieve its goals in the shortest possible period of time.

Serving clients worldwide since 2007, we have become known as consultants to consultants delivering true operational advice to help your firm extract maximum value from your strategy, moving beyond theory to practical application of industry best practices producing better business outcomes and customer success.

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