Partnering with our clients to cost effectively execute operational processes and accelerate the time to benefit attainment.

Can we make the necessary business transformation quickly enough? Do we have the capacity and the skills required? Is the work we are doing Strategic vs. Enabling? Core to our business vs. Context? Where and how can the work be performed most efficiently?

These are some of the key questions companies face when deciding whether to pursue business transformation on their own, or perform an operation in-house or source the capability externally. RTM Consulting can assist you in the execution of your operational processes – assuming leadership or full responsibility on either an interim or on-going basis.

Our interim assisted transformation model is called the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) framework. Through a BOT, RTM Consulting partners with you to architect, develop, operate, and ultimately transfer operational responsibility back to the client. In this model, clients benefit from our decades of services experience by accelerating the time frame from build-out to execution. Additionally, our experienced professionals then train and mentor client personnel to be fully capable in the new process area.

A longer term assisted transformation and operating model is similar to traditional views of managed services. In this model, RTM Consulting takes on operating responsibility for a process for a defined period of time. Our primary services for long term assisted transformation and operations include:

Resource Management-as-a-Service (RMaaS) – Let us build and run your Resource Management Office (RMO) so you can focus on your core business.

Project Management-as-a-Service (PMaaS) – Let us build and run your Project Management Office (PMO) so you can focus on your core business.

PMO QuickStart – Get your PMO up and running fast and turn your dashboard from reds to greens.

PSO-in-a-Box – Are you a product company struggling to make services work for you? Let us build and run a highly effective professional services capability so you can focus on product success.

Rent-a-Services Exec – We provide experienced and capable management expertise to lead a particular effort or temporarily fill a critical role on your team. We can provide domain-specific experts for:

  • Professional and Consulting Services
  • Support Services
  • Field Services
  • Managed Services

In every Business Acceleration model described above, RTM Consulting accelerates your time to benefit attainment. Our experienced professionals will complement your staff and operations, bring new ideas and best practices to bear, all while cost effectively supporting your organization’s business objectives.