Why Professional Services Business Optimization?

Technology companies have a continuous challenge balancing their solutions portfolio to produce the best possible result. When it comes to driving increased revenues, some common questions companies deal with are: Do I give the services away to sell more product? Maybe we can make more on the services? When it comes to operating efficiently: How do we deliver every project on-time and on-budget and hit our margin targets? How can we ensure consistency of quality in our deliverables? Today’s sophisticated enterprise buyer demands complete solutions and value. Optimizing your consulting and professional services offerings to be competitive and drive desired buyer behavior is not easy. RTM Consulting’s professional services business optimization services can help you evaluate alternative business models to produce the best result for your business.

The Challenges

Some of the many complex challenges of building and managing a highly effective consulting and professional services business include:

  • Project Peformance: Cost

    – How do we manage project performance to deliver acceptable margins? How do we create/use a Project Management Office (PMO) to gain effective control over our project portfolio? How do we staff the project using lowest cost resources wherever, whenever possible? Where do we locate those resources? Should we hire permanent employees or contractors? Click here for more on our PMO QuickStart services from RTM Consulting.

  • Project Performance: Quality

    – How do we provide best of class quality with project teams staffed from multiple locations across multiple time zones? What process discipline should we use? How do we train people rapidly, effectively, and economically? How do we consistently deliver world class quality? Click here for more on Portfolio and Project Management services from RTM Consulting.

  • Support for the enterprise solutions strategy

    – What are our objectives for Consulting and Professional Services? Will we focus on profit, pull-through, client satisfaction, support, or some combination of these? Determining this element of your strategy provides a foundation for your plan.

  • Services Portfolio and Packaging

    – How do we create unique and sustainable differentiation? How should we price the product? How do we create real solutions for my enterprise clients?

  • Talent Management

    – How will we attract, train, and retain the very best people? How do we implement a best practice talent management system? How do we train our project managers?

  • Speed

    – How can we help sales teams by providing needed tools and skills to pursue a deal quickly, and then staff the project rapidly if won?

  • Flexibility

    – How do we adapt to rapidly changing project scopes, locations, and timelines while still achieving contractual service levels, quality, and cost objectives?

  • Reach

    – To compete in a global economy, we need the ability to deliver anywhere, anytime, with qualified resources – how can we accomplish that?

Our Solution

Addressing the challenges listed above can provide powerful differentiation for today’s technology company. In addition, revenue and profit growth can result from increased new sources of revenue, improved product pull-thru, and margin growth as a result of efficient and effective project management and human capital resource management. Conversely, not doing the above well will create a drag on profits, hurt competitiveness, and erode customer confidence and the corporate brand.

  • RTM Consulting’s unique PSO-in-a-Box solution shifts strategic responsibility for the sales, delivery, and management of services to a team of trusted experts, enabling hyper-efficient, world class services delivery, and allowing your people to focus on their core mission: driving the business forward.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you accelerate your business success with our PS Business Optimization Services. For a downloadable brochure about our Business Optimization Practice, click here.

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