“Only a few months after the administration of the course, we’re already seeing real results. I’ve had several consultants talk about how they’ve been able to more successfully deal with difficult situations and how they’ve been able to produce proposals for follow-on work that are more targeted and more successful. This was clearly a good investment for us since it is generating returns even in this tough economy.”

Paul Hofstadler, Vice President Worldwide Consulting, Mentor Graphics Corporation  — Read the case study.

Consulting and professional services is all about people – people your customers expect to be highly trained and capable in whatever areas of expertise necessary to solve their problems. Well trained staff get the job done right the first time, and delivered with peak efficiency. Research shows employees are also more satisfied with their work and tend to exhibit more brand loyalty with firms that invest in their employees. RTM Consulting is at the forefront of the training industry and can provide experienced knowledge transfer and training to equip and prepare your teams for successful execution of a technology professional services and consulting business. Our customized training is provided on your site (or selected location) or over the internet covering topics for technology professional services including:

Resource Management (sustaining high utilization)

Just-in-Time Resourcing® (JITR) is the holy grail of today’s professional services providers. RTM Consulting utilizes Global Resource Management (GRM), a process methodology developed for achieving highly efficient deployment of human capital as part of our Just-in-Time Resourcing® brand of human capital management services. Whether your company is large or small, efficiently managing human capital will mean the difference between success and failure. Click here for a downloadable Training Catalog with more information about the Resource Management Certified Professional (RMCP)® program.

Soft Skills Development

You spend lots of time, money and effort training your consultants on products and technology. But do they really know how to: effectively engage with a client; manage scope creep; effectively handle complaints and issues; and up-sell new opportunities – the soft skills every consultant needs! RTM Consulting soft skills training focuses on enhancing the soft skills of your consulting and professional services personnel to complement their product, business, and technical knowledge. To make the training more relevant to your business, we tailor the training to your business needs, processes and business practices. For a downloadable Training Catalog with more information about Soft Skills Development click here. Watch the video below for more information on Consulting Skills Development.

What our clients are saying:

“An important initiative this year was to invest in the development of our consultants by providing them with a high impact soft skills training program to increase their overall effectiveness. RTM Consulting enabled this by developing and delivering an outstanding curriculum specialized for consultants and tailored to our needs. This high quality curriculum included facilitation of case studies to help our consultants practice what they learned.”

Paul Hofstadler, Vice President Worldwide Consulting, Mentor Graphics Corporation.

Project Management Training

Project Managers continually look to enhance their project management skills and drive successful delivery. To address this need – and give PMPs continuing education credits – RTM Consulting has built the following project management curriculum:

Project Management Fundamentals

Poor project execution is a leading driver of services margin erosion and poor customer satisfaction. Project Management Fundamentals is specialized PM training for the technology industry. The curriculum is designed to reinforce and improve good PM discipline and teach proven, practical aspects of sound project management to achieve breakthrough results and customer satisfaction.

Soft Skills for the Project Manager

A lot of time, money and effort is spent training project managers on methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall). But do they really know how to: effectively engage with a client; manage scope creep; and effectively handle complaints and issues – the soft skills every project manager needs. The Soft Skills for the Project Manager training focuses on enhancing the soft skills of project managers to complement their methodology, business and technical knowledge.

For a downloadable Training Catalog with more information about our Project Management Workshops click here.

Consulting / Professional Services New Delivery Manager

Making the transition from a delivery expert to a delivery manager role is not always easy. Most companies’ Human Resources departments help with the vital aspects of people management (hiring, firing, compensation, etc.), but few deal with equipping a new manager with the proper skills necessary for effective execution of the operational aspects of delivery management. This intensive course prepares new delivery managers to hit the ground running and feel confident in their ability to help manage projects on-time and on-budget. For a downloadable brochure with more information about New Delivery Manager training click here.

Professional Services Optimization Training

RTM Consulting understands every company has unique needs depending on their current business dynamics. Rounding out our skills development and training services we offer knowledge transfer services in a wide range of Professional Services optimization topics including:

  • Demand forecasting (to drive resource and project plans)
  • Talent acquisition and management
  • Services packaging, management and marketing
  • The PS dashboard (measure for success, PS scorecards)
  • Services delivery (quality, performance and cost focus)

For a downloadable Training Catalog with more information about our Professional Services Optimization Workshop click here.

Services Sales Skills Development

Selling services is different than selling a product. This course helps its participants understand the differences and provides the insight, context and tools to become more successful at selling services. This course also assists delivery leaders making the transition from pure delivery roles to ones that involve sales and business development. The course identifies the basics of building stronger and more valued customer relationships, and focuses on addressing their goals, problems and needs. The course will enable its participants to more effectively identify, propose and close more services opportunities. For a downloadable Training Catalog with more information about Services Sales Skills Development click here.

Value Realization Workshop

The level of competition in today’s technology markets has resulted in increasingly complex solutions making it more difficult for technology customers to adopt all of the available features and functionality to achieve maximum value from their investments. This ultimately diminishes client satisfaction and loyalty, threatening client retention and future revenue streams. The Value Realization Workshop will help you assess the value your clients receive from your products. Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • The Value Realization Framework
  • How to create Value Maps, which will enable you to assess the value that clients are currently achieving
  • How to create a strategic services road map to systematically drive greater adoption, value and differentiation, thereby increasing satisfaction and loyalty to drive profitability and growth

For a downloadable Training Catalog with more information about our Value Realization Workshop click here.

Mentoring Services

Experience does matter – and not all learning occurs in the classroom. At certain points, all of us can use a little help from someone who has been there, done that. RTM Consulting provides one-on-one and group mentoring to help Executives, Practice Leads, Managers and other personnel across the Service spectrum. Click here for a downloadable Training Catalog with more information about our Mentoring Services.

For more information on Skills Development and Training Services, please download our Training Catalog or contact us.

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Training Reseller Program

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