The Challenge

Consulting and professional services are all about people – people your clients expect to be highly trained and capable in whatever areas of expertise necessary to solve their problems. You spend lots of time, money, and effort training your consultants on products and technology. But do they really know how to effectively engage with a client, build trusted advisor relationships, manage scope, handle issues, and up-sell new opportunities – essential skills every consultant needs?

The Solution – Technologist to Consultant Skills Development Program

RTM Consulting provides interactive training that will enhance the consultative soft skills of your delivery practitioners to complement their product, business, and technical knowledge.

Our Technologist to Consultant training program is a turn-key skills development program comprised of Professional Services-specific learning modules, interactive case studies that allow participants to practice the skills learned during training, and a series of continuous learning sessions to reinforce lessons learned throughout the program to further drive adoption – and make behavioral changes stick.

The training curriculum is designed to help:

  • Develop the consultative soft skills of your delivery practitioners to complement their product, business and technical knowledge
  • Accelerate the development and effectiveness of your delivery team
  • Improve communications both internally and externally leading to improved client satisfaction
  • Gain insight and learnings into how to handle scope and change management challenges, risks and issues, and upsell company solutions

Our Approach

technologist to consultant training


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