Steps to Successfully Execute on the Journey Toward an Outcome Based Services Model

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Field and Support organizations are challenged today to replace traditional service offerings, where technical services are provided for a fixed price, to new models where technical services revenues are earned by delivering positive customer outcomes.

This most challenging problem is a short-term financial one. As the operating models transition, the service organization finds itself unable to deliver short-term financial commitments, while simultaneously generating the investment dollars needed to enable a successful operating model transformation. Additionally, customer expectations are increasing and the company’s executives expect aggressive cost objectives from the service organization to enable delivery of quarterly commitments they have made to Wall Street. This scenario often leads to predictable and unsatisfactory results for all.

This complimentary white paper provides specific actions services leadership need to take now to ensure they can shift from a traditional service supplier to a differentiated and highly competitive supplier delivering improved customer outcomes.

Sooner or later, chances are high that your company will begin this journey to a customer outcome based model. A journey has to start somewhere and RTM Consulting recommends that organizations first address their current cost structure to meet short-term financial commitments and provide the needed investment dollars to enable a successful transformation. Enjoy the paper.

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