The Challenge

Today’s technology companies are tasked with delivering increasingly complex and advanced solutions to market, with greater frequency than ever before. As a result, effectively developing and delivering quality Education Services (ES) to support those solutions (both internally and externally) has become a critical component for success.

For many ES leaders however, lack of consistent support from business leaders, unclear charters, fluctuating budgets, and limited or poor communication with other business units can all disrupt and often derail this mission critical business function.

The Solution

RTM Consulting (RTMC) has developed its Education Services Organization (ESO) Framework to help technology companies assess, develop, and deliver the education services capabilities required for market success.

By partnering with RTM Consulting, you can accelerate time to value, avoid surprises and unnecessary investments, optimize labor costs, and focus on your core business while we build and operate your ES Organization.

Our Approach

RTM Consulting uses our unique ES Framework to compare and contrast your ES operation with industry best practices and results. Equipped with these valuable insights, RTMC can help you build an appropriate solution to a particular business problem, or an operations-wide business transformation plan to help your ES operation become best in class and accelerate time to value. RTMC can help you:

  • Develop a clear and effective charter
  • Create a financial model aligned with the charter
  • Determine the right investments, infrastructure, and tools to support the process
  • Build an effective and efficient operational model
  • Establish the leadership and governance needed to ensure ongoing success

Start With Our Health Check Service

Our unique Health Check will provide your operation an accelerated diagnostic to compare and contrast your operation with best practices and results in your industry. The Health Check will help you identify needed and valuable business transformation opportunities to help you get the result you are looking for.

Contact RTM Consulting to gain access to our insights and experience with this critical aspect of running your business. For a downloadable brochure about our Education Services, click here.