Resource Utilization Calculator

How much is 1% of billable utilization worth? How about 5%? Billable utilization is not just a good operational metric, it is an essential measure to the bottom line health of your services organization. A 5% improvement to a 100 person services organization can generate a $1M – $2M annual improvement to your bottom line profitability.

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Knowledge Management Benefits Calculator

RTM Consulting is a pioneer in providing Knowledge Management solutions to clients in various industry domains. From Professional Services to Support and Field Services, Knowledge Management can:

  1. Help in understanding issues driving rework and reduce them through effective use/reuse of knowledge existing in your organization
  2. Assist the service organization on strategies that can be used to reduce call/email volume by redirecting customers to more cost-effective self-help portals

Click below and see how the benefits from reduced rework and the benefits from case deflection will increase your bottom line!

Shift to the Left Benefits Calculator

You can dramatically improve your Field and Support cost structure, while simultaneously enhancing your overall customer experience, by effectively implementing a systematic Shift to the Left Strategy. For example, a 14 point shift of on site solves to on call and on line yields almost a 30% or $31M reduction in total service delivery costs!

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