The Challenge

As support services become more and more important in the sales cycle, is your company ready and able to understand your customer’s needs?  Does the support organization understand the difference between Value-Based Metrics versus Activity Based Metrics?  Any seasoned leader can walk through their metrics deck talking about Handle Time, Time to Resolve, CSAT, but do they really understand the value to the customer?  All of these items are important to monitor, but what about items that are important to recognize the value you bring your company and customers?

We often hear leaders raving that they now have an average handle time of 24.8 seconds, versus last month when it was 25.2.  Do their customers really care they shaved .4 seconds off their handle time? 

Customers really care about three things:

  1. Having a simple path to get support.
  2. Finding the most effective channel quickly.
  3. Getting their issue resolved as quickly as possible while interacting with the fewest number of people.

Your customers want to know what channel will provide the best opportunity to eliminate their issue and restore service.  It’s been proven that customer success in channels leads to loyalty versus customers that are forced to a specific channel, without the possibility of resolution, will lead to lower customer satisfaction.

If your organization suffers from any of the symptoms described above, RTM Consulting can help you transform your organization into a more customer value based organization through review, metric programs and change leadership.  We are experts in guiding teams from an activity based system to a value-based system.

Our Solution and Approach

Value Based Metrics

Do your metrics represent the value you bring to the company and your customer?  Or are they like most companies and focus on activity based management metrics?  We can lead you in transforming your metrics into measurements that manage to your executives and your customers.  We will teach you to manage and focus more on the outliers and less on the average.

Customer Centricity

Do your customers care about ASA?  AHT?  We can help identify what is important to your customer and help devise a way for you to measure it, manage it and report on it.

Social Support Startup

Have you begun to think about your social strategy?  Are people talking about your company in the social space without you knowing it?  We can help you by sharing experiences that other companies are utilizing to monitor and support customers in the social space.

Social Support Optimization

How effective are you at monitoring the social space?  We will work with you to review your support strategy and make recommendations for improvement based on the successes of other companies.

Social Media and Support Training

Do your analysts understand the complexity and influence that social media has on the industry?  We can provide a full overview of social media, the influence it has on your company and how to work with it effectively.


Support Organizations that don’t recognize the importance they play with the customer will not be in business very long.  RTM Consulting’s team of industry experts in Voice of the Customer thinking can lead your team to recommendations for improvement and drive these initiatives to completion.  RTM Consulting will assess your environment versus our proven framework that will help you deliver services required to build loyalty and grow revenue at the lowest possible cost.

Contact RTM Consulting to gain access to our insights and experience with this critical aspect of running your business.