In the Services industry, two key attributes of success include being – flexible and adaptable. RTM Consulting recognizes that there may be certain situations where a standard training offering may not completely address desired learning objectives, or be delivered in a manner supportive of your particular situation. As such, RTM Consulting can work with you to customize and tailor a curriculum to address your specific learning objectives and time constraints. Whatever the learning objectives you have defined may be, we can leverage a full library of skills development curriculums to provide content to address your needs. Where the content does not map exactly to your learning objectives, RTM Consulting can develop new materials to meet your needs.

The Customized Skills Development Process

In developing customized training, RTM Consulting will begin by:

  • Collecting and analyzing the learning objectives and mapping those to available training content including RTM Consulting, client and commercially available content
  • Reviewing the content with the client for validation and agreement

Curriculum Examples

RTM Consulting has built a variety of customized training curriculum, including:

  • Project Management Soft Skills and PMP® Exam Prep – to help a client’s Project Managers build skills to interact with clients in a more productive manner and address the organization’s desire to have more certified Project Managers
  • Services Sales Workshop – to help a client’s Practice Leads more effectively pursue services sales opportunities, RTM Consulting integrated existing and built new curriculum to address the client’s needs
  • Strategic Executive Workshop – to educate a client’s non-Services executives on the key market drivers of the Services industry, RTM Consulting developed a custom workshop to provide content on market drivers, organizational constructs, and keys to success

Click here for a downloadable Training Catalog with more information about our Customized Training and Skills Development Services.