Focus on Variability for Quick Hits in Lowering Costs and Improving Customer Service

Fastpath to Optimizing Labor, Parts and Vehicle Fleets

I do not know a Field Services team not challenged this year to reduce costs of labor, parts and vehicles. Same is true for improving all other aspects of customer service, e.g. first visit performance, depot repair operations, and mean time to repair. Do not allow time pressure, internal changes like reorganizations, and a lack of the right data to put you in the unenviable position of having to make judgement cuts to make quick reductions in costs. Sophisticated service delivery teams have figured out how to do this using Variability Reduction (VR) as a proven method to get results fast!

It is often said, there are no shortcuts to long term structural change, but there is one proven solution that challenges that paradigm, it is VR. VR provides a shortcut solution that gets you fact based data fast to focus on where real and rapid cost reduction opportunities can be found, while also identifying customer service improvement opportunities.

Download this white paper for a deep dive into (1) What is variability reduction? (2) What makes VR different from other service improvement techniques? (3) How to implement VR. (4) Critical success factors for success with VR. I hope you enjoy the paper.

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