First Call/Visit Resolution: Getting It Fixed the First Time

first call resolution

Every field services or support services team has first call/visit resolution (FCR/FVR) in their metrics. If they don’t they need to call us now for some advice fast! In a nutshell FCR/FVR are about answering or solving the customer’s problems on the first contact or visit. The objective is hopefully obvious, solve the problem the first time as quickly and for the least cost possible. The data is compelling, do this well and your cost structure will be attractive and your customer service reputation in a good place.

Some companies have figured out the right combination of people, process and technology to accomplish superior first call/visit performance, and do it consistently. Unfortunately, too many companies have failed to achieve this resulting in poor customer satisfaction, high customer service costs, and ultimately negative competitive consequences of their inability to conduct FCR/FVR in a manner consistent with client expectations.

Having been on all sides of the table (customer, provider and now consultant) of this important customer service discipline, this white paper, First Call/Visit Resolution: Getting It Fixed the First Time, is an aggregation of those experiences and the most effective approaches we have observed for how to get FCR/FVR right. Enjoy the paper.

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