Is Everybody Selling?

professional services selling

There is a long standing axiom in the professional services business that is often forgotten, but always remains true: everybody is selling (or at least should be). This philosophy grows from pure consulting firms that relied heavily on their delivery teams to develop new business.

This world has collided with the professional services organizations of product companies. These groups historically relied largely on product sales people to position their services as an attachment to the product sale. It was, and remains, a good model for companies whose services organizations exist solely to support the product strategy. But did you know…

“Over 79% of Buyers would like more services from their current provider. Unfortunately, 48% admit they do not know which services Sellers provide (Sellers think 80% don’t know), so the opportunity is missed. Sellers do a poor job of helping Buyers buy more.”

As technology companies look to make services a more strategic part of the corporate strategy (and an increasing portion of the company’s revenues), relying on a product sales force to sell a broader range of services has proven a significant obstacle to revenue growth.

This complimentary white paper provides professional services leaders with insights for overcoming these selling challenges by employing the practices associated with ‘everybody is selling.’

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