TSIA World: ENVISION | October 17 – 19, 2022

The technology industry’s premier event for data-driven insights to grow your business profitably.

ENVISION offers an immersive learning experience where participants will hear from researchers, data analysts, and invited industry thought leaders guiding technology businesses with actionable advice to undergo digital transformation and achieve profitable growth. Join us and thousands of fellow technology and services professionals taking their tech business to greater profitability and efficiency.

Interactive Breakout Session | How to Make Resource Management a Strategic Part of Your Business

Creating butterflies or fast caterpillars? How to make resource management a strategic part of your business. At the center of every PSO is resource management. Many PSOs are still trying to get the basics right with resource management. But these evolutions in delivery models and changes in talent management require us to look beyond the obvious for how we manage our resources to maintain utilization levels and profitability.

This session, with Marc Lacroix, COO and Managing Partner, RTM Consulting and Chris Nakovics, Director of Resource Management and Business Process Operations, ServiceNow, will expose you to the trends and leading practices in the critical areas of resource management, including capacity management, staffing, sourcing, and resource forecasting.


Self-Assessment Guide for Resource Management – This complimentary guide is intended as a self-assessment tool for companies that want to better understand how their execution of resource management processes are contributing to or inhibiting the bottom line. This guide also provides context and assessment ideas for other operational implications of resource management.