On-demand Professional Services Training

Does the public training calendar not mesh with your calendar? Do you like taking training courses “off hours” or when you have down time on a project? Do you want the ability to stop/start/rewind and come back at any point during your training?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then on-demand professional services training is right for you. RTM Consulting has recorded our most popular courses and made them available for training on your schedule and time frame. Available with 24×7 access from purchase, on-demand training provides a video recording of the materials typically presented by a live instructor. As with all of our training courses, completed on-demand training videos entitle you to earn 1 PCU (Professional Certification Unit) for RTM Consulting’s Resource Management Certified Professional (RMCP)® program and/or 1 PDU (Professional Development Unit) per the PMI organization.

On-demand training videos are accessed through RTM Consulting’s learning management system and are available on any device that is browser enabled – computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

On-demand Professional Services Training Purchase Instructions

  • Select any of the course titles from the descriptions below
  • Create an account and log into RTM Consulting’s learning management system (accounts are free and just require a name and email address)
  • Select your preferred courses and click “Add to Cart”
  • Purchased videos are available 24×7; purchase price is per person, per video – group viewing is strictly prohibited
  • For on-demand training questions, please email training@rtmconsulting.net

Introduction to Resource Management

The Introduction to Resource Management course is designed to provide foundational competency development for professionals new to resource management that work in organizations that focus on project-based work. Participants primarily work in Professional Services Organizations or Internal IT Organizations. This course is $499 for 90-day access.

PS-202 – Introduction to Resource Management – Course Objectives

  • Review the foundational concepts of resource management and how it supports the organization
  • Understand the fundamentals of characterizing resource supply and demand through skills management, processing staffing requests and forecasting future demand
  • Understand the role technology and governance play in effective resource management
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The Art of Writing an SOW

SOWs require a strong process for development, approval and governance. The SOW writing course will provide your team with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to write full scope, detailed SOWs and ensure more successful project delivery. This course is $399 for 60-day access.

PS-425 – The Art of Writing an SOW – Course Objectives

  • Module 1: Statement of Work Fundamentals: Purpose of SOWs, basic SOW structure, legal perspectives
  • Module 2: Scope Definition: Detail and best practices about each SOW component management, processing staffing requests, and forecasting future demand
  • Module 3: Estimating and Pricing: Estimating concepts/perspectives, Fixed Fee vs. T&M vs. NTE pricing concepts, Cost Plus vs. Value Based pricing concepts, revenue recognition/VSOE concepts
  • Module 4: Assembling the Statement of Work: The SOW Development process, using templates
  • Module 5: Statement of Work Governance: Best practices, Dos/Don’ts
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Practical Project Management for the Non Project Manager

This course is designed to provide a foundational Project Management competency for resources who are not traditional Project Managers. This course is $299 for 90-day access.

PS-301 – Practical Project Management for the Non Project Manager – Course Objectives

  • Introduce the field of project management and what it means to be a project manager
  • Understand the difference between being a part of a project team and being responsible for managing the project
  • Learn key elements of project management – why they are important and how to apply them
  • Learn practical techniques to help you step in and successfully manage a project
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Advanced Project Management Skills Development

A lot of time, money and effort is spent training project managers on methodologies. But do they really know how to: effectively engage with a client; manage scope creep; and effectively handle complaints and issues – the skills every project manager needs. The Advanced Project Management Skills Development training focuses on enhancing the soft skills of project managers to complement their methodology, business, and technical knowledge. Modules are $99 for 90-day access and may be purchased individually.

PS-305 Role and Dynamics of a Project Manager

  • Project Success – What Role does the project manager play?
  • Define the role and the importance of the project manager on a project
  • Learn the key attributes of successful project managers
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PS-310 Project Manager: Communication Strategy and Tactics

  • Understand why effective communication is so important
  • Learn communication development and delivery best practices and techniques
  • Review best practices in communicating issues during a project
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PS-315 Project Manager: Scope and Change Management

  • Understand what scope is and why it is important to define it
  • Discuss how scope is documented to ensure common understanding
  • Learn how to set and meet client expectations while avoiding work not necessary for the project
  • Discuss how to ensure everyone is on the same page when scope changes
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PS-330 Project Manager: Identifying and Capturing Value

  • Understand what value is and what it means to your customers and your organization
  • Identify the elements that go into an effective value proposition
  • Understand your role in organizing and addressing additional value creation opportunities
  • Learn about what a lead is, how to identify one, and steps we can take to help the organization pursue it
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Consulting Fundamentals

Succeeding as a Consultant can be challenging. Most companies invest a lot of time, money and effort on training their consultants on products and technology but not on some of the fundamental skills every consultant needs. This course is designed to provide foundational competency development for consultants and is $299 for 90-day access.

PS-101 – Consulting Fundamentals – Course Objectives

  • Introduce the field of consulting and understand what it means to be a consultant
  • Understand the nature of a consulting assignment and how to prepare for it
  • Review the dynamics of working within a project team
  • Discuss the essential elements of being a successful consultant with a strong focus on communications and learning the keys to better managing customer expectations
  • Learn how to take charge of your career as a consultant
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Advanced Consulting Skills Development

The Advanced Consulting Skills Development training focuses on enhancing the consultative skills of consulting and professional services personnel to complement their product, business, and technical knowledge. This training will help your technologists become better consultants. Modules are $99 for 90-day access and may be purchased individually or as a bundle. Purchase all 6 of the modules below together for $499 for 90-day access.

PS-205 – Standard Engagement Lifecycle

  • Reviews the standard Professional Services organization structures and the role of the consultant in the engagement process
  • Reviews the importance of project management and the relationship with the consultant on a project
  • Reviews how to address difficult situations on projects
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PS-210 – Role and Dynamics of a Consultant

  • Defines the various roles a consultant plays throughout an engagement
  • Evaluates client stakeholders and provides tools on how to manage various types of stakeholders
  • Provides practical tips and techniques on how to become a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to your customers
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PS-215 – Communication Strategy and Tactics

  • Reviews communicating effectively and explains why effective communication is important
  • Learn how to develop and communicate key messages
  • Explores communication in business – written communication and leading/facilitating meetings
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PS-320 – Risk and Issue Management

  • Reviews best practices in communicating issues and risks (written and verbal)
  • Understand how to effectively communicate issues and risks
  • Learn the importance of communicating issues and risks
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PS-325 – Scope and Change Management

  • Covers scope management fundamentals
  • Understand what is scope creep, why we should manage scope, and how to avoid it
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PS-330 – Identify and Capturing Value

  • Discusses creating value and the role of the consultant in identifying and capturing value
  • Reviews selling concepts for the consultant and creating and communicating value
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