Professional Services Business Optimization II: The Business Operations Team is the Plumbing of a Strong PSO

professional services business operations

In the white paper, Professional Services Business Optimization: Driving Success Throughout the PS Organization, we mapped out the framework necessary to drive success within PS. Implemented correctly, the framework provides the foundation necessary to ensure an optimized PSO that moves from maintenance of the status quo to strategic expansion and growth.

In order to implement the framework successfully, you must have focus, ownership and on-going maintenance for all aspects of the framework. The majority of PSOs today are focused on ensuring the revenue generating processes and positions are covered, but when it comes to the non-revenue generating or cost intensive processes and positions, focus and investment generally fall short. If the burden for implementation, ownership and on-going care and feeding is placed on the shoulders of those who are also expected to be interfacing with customers, the organization might have short term gains but long term the results will fall flat/short.

This white paper expands on just describing the framework needed to be successful to discuss how a Business Operations focus is essential to implement and enable the framework for a successful PSO organization.

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