Professional Services Forecasting

professional services forecasting

Each year, services leaders are tasked with forecasting Professional Services revenues for the upcoming year – an exercise that is often easier said, than done. Poor visibility into project and pipeline health, unreliable market trend data, unclear expectations from senior management, and sub-optimized resource pools can all present significant challenges when attempting to build an annual forecast that is accurate, appropriate, and achievable.

Furthermore, once the forecast is submitted and approved, the PSO must then have the right processes and technologies in place to effectively manage a complex resource ecosystem of full-time employees, sub-contractors, and partners to deliver against the forecast as efficiently as possible to drive maximum growth and profitability.

To help you address this challenge, this paper will outline a practical, five-step approach to creating a more predictive, accurate, and actionable annual forecast, including the methods, processes, infrastructure, and tools required to optimize delivery and make your numbers.

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