Today’s technology companies face ever growing complexity and global competition across every vertical industry. As a result, there is greater demand than ever before for professional, shared, and consulting services organizations to support deployment and maintenance, drive higher client satisfaction levels, and bolster both top and bottom-line growth. An analysis of market data in the 2000s shows that:

  1. Product margins are declining for both software and hardware vendors;
  2. Services revenue as a percent of total revenue for technology firms has doubled;
  3. Technology companies with a focus on services better weathered the 2009 economic crisis.

For many technology companies, however, the PS or consulting function is not a core competency. As a result, a high number of projects are delivered late and over-budget – often with undesirable financial implications. These project overruns also diminish client satisfaction and retention – in stark contrast to the services team’s core mission.

Our Approach
RTM Consulting’s PSO-in-a-Box solution was designed to address this capability gap head on. By shifting strategic responsibility for the sales, delivery, and management of services to a team of trusted experts, you can enable hyper-efficient, world class services delivery, and allow your people to focus on their core mission: driving the business forward. This approach also enables you to:

  • Improve company focus
  • Reduce and better control operating costs
  • Free key resources for other purposes
  • Accelerate reengineering benefits
  • Reduce time to market
  • Share and mitigate risk

How We Do It
RTM Consulting combines deep functional expertise with our unique PSO Framework to rapidly assess and develop the professional services capabilities required for market success. This approach allows you to maintain focus on your core business, while we:

  • Develop a Clear PS Charter – Will PS: Enable product sales, serve as a revenue and growth driver, be deployed to drive customer satisfaction? Your charter leads to distinct PS strategies. Companies that struggle with PS typically fail to define their charter effectively.
  • Define the Appropriate Go to Market Model – How will you take your services to market? With the product sales organization sell services? Will you deploy a Services Sales force? Establishing the appropriate “ground-rules” can minimize internal organizational friction and allow you to focus on the customer.
  • Define Investment & Governance Approach – This is not a case of “build it and they will come.” Rather, the PS organization has to have a clearly defined approach and process to align costs with customer revenue.
  • Execute the Plan– The best laid plans only create value when executed. Proven best practices can speed time to market and profit. We use our extensive experience, resources, and industry knowledge to build the right organization and execute with excellence to support your overall company strategy. We operate seamlessly as part of your team, in support of your company strategy.

Watch the video on PSO-in-a-Box.