Workforce Management 3.0: Redefining the Discipline of Workforce Management

workforce management

How we effectively get the right person with the right skills in the right place at the right time is a challenge every human capital-intensive service business deals with every day. Some do it better than others. Few if any are perfect at it. No question about it though – in a service business people are really important, and represent a majority of our costs. Known to many as the discipline of workforce management (WFM), various approaches to WFM are being conducted all around the globe.

We have been studying best practices in both resource management and WFM for more than a decade. As will be discussed in this paper, there are clear distinctions in the marketplace between resource and workforce management. This paper will address some of those distinctions, and more importantly, the evolution of WFM and how it will become part of a bigger ecosystem known as resource management.

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