Resource Management Certified Professional (RMCP)®

This first-of-its-kind professional certification program is specifically designed for resource managers, promoting and supporting competency development for resource management (RM) professionals. Certification demonstrates a level of proficiency in RM theory and application, and a commitment to professional development and a career in RM. Additionally, the RMCP® program provides access to valuable thought leadership, best practices, networks and resources to help RM professionals better manage human capital productivity and utilization.

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Why Resource Management Certification?

For Individuals:

  • Professional growth
  • Learn modern techniques for resource management
  • Keep current with industry best practices
  • Add more value to your employer
  • Better career and earnings opportunities
  • More job satisfaction

For Employers:

  • Predictably improve resource management results
  • More on-time, on-budget projects
  • Leverage industry best practices
  • More productive Resource Management Office employees
  • More satisfied employees
  • Professional growth for employees

Who Should Apply?

The RM Certification is ideal for those who:

  • Work as or lead Resource Managers or perform RM related tasks
  • Are operations or people managers and need a stronger knowledge of RM
  • Wish to update their current RM knowledge with industry accepted best practices
  • Want to break into the competitive and growing RM profession
  • Strive for career advancement
  • Work for companies that want to sustainably improve RM effectiveness

Completion of the Certification may offer the following benefits:

  • Help you and your company more predictably improve RM results
  • Provide an increased arsenal of tools and techniques to facilitate your daily work
  • Gain access to industry thought leadership and best practices, including the RMI Community – the online venue where resource management professionals can network and collaborate
  • Increase your on-the-job confidence and satisfaction
  • Demonstrate commitment to the RM discipline

Some corporate adopters of the certification program include Alcatel-Lucent, EMC2, Informatica, Juniper Networks, NCR, ServiceMax and VMware.

“The program provided tools and techniques that can be used to make the Informatica Resource Management Office (RMO) group more efficient. Also, from our resource manager’s perspectives, it is an exciting and a unique opportunity for career growth.”
Alessandra Pacheco, Senior Manager, Professional Services RMO at Informatica.

“Internal IT teams seeking to improve project performance and utilization of human capital can benefit greatly from optimized resource management. At Alberta Health Services we needed to deepen our knowledge of resource management so we started by investing in the RMCP® program. The RMI vision to build a community and body of knowledge around resource management is another big step forward in helping internal IT teams gain valuable insights and provide collaborative opportunities with industry peers.”
April Toyota, IT Resource Management Lead at Alberta Health Services.

“If your company is considering, or embarking upon a centralized resource management function, then the RMCP® program is a fantastic foundation. RMCP® certification ensures a consistent understanding of resource management terminology, approach and tactics, so that your organization can develop your specific plans based on solid principals.”
Jeff Wilhelm, Head of Financial Services Operations and PMO at NCR.