mPortal Leverages RTM Consulting’s Resource Management as a Service (RMaaS) for the SMB to Improve Resource Management Effectiveness


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Client Situation

mPortal is a mobile technology company that also provides a wide range of services to Tier 1 clients. As the services business continued to grow, the approach to resource management remained decentralized and mostly customer account based. Lack of a centralized resourcing model and no structured way to share resources across practices left mPortal limited in their ability to grow and adapt to changes in their business. mPortal looked to RTM Consulting for help.

The Solution

mPortal engaged RTM Consulting to leverage RMaaS for the SMB to build and execute more effective approaches to resource management. This included:

  • Utilizing RTM Consulting’s Just-in-Time Resourcing® solution as a guide to baseline gaps in capabilities.
  • Taking a leadership role in developing and executing a global, centralized resource management function for all delivery practices.
  • Developing processes and educating the delivery team on how to analyze resource management needs and implement needed staffing changes.

The Result

By leveraging RTM Consulting’s RMaaS solution and resource management experts, mPortal has been able to improve overall resource management processes and staffing execution. With RMaaS, mPortal achieved the following benefits:

  • Accelerated shift to a centralized staffing model in weeks, not months, improving overall use of on-board resources and project performance.
  • The collective team was able to identify future changes to staffing requirements and make decisions. This allowed some practices to grow more quickly, while others were able to more proactively manage their labor costs.
  • Time to staff newly sold initiatives was greatly reduced through better lead times to hire or the utilization of resources across practices. This gave practice leaders more confidence to sell.
  • More effective change management for organizational acceptance of new RM processes.

RTM Consulting has over 100 years combined strategy and operational experience. We serve over 100 clients world wide, providing consulting, training, mentoring, and staffing services as well. Our focus is to launch, design, implement, and support transformative outcomes by providing guidance, leadership, and innovative frameworks to deliver proven and timely results.