Resource Management as a Service (RMaaS): The Case for Outsourcing Resource Management

The key to a healthy and profitable delivery organization begins with effective resource management. Too often, organizations are under performing in this area, significantly hurting operating margins.

Resource Management as a Service is simply a newer form of business process outsourcing (BPO), targeting what is arguably the most important support process of a consulting or professional services organization – resource management. Resource management is not simply the process of staffing projects (i.e. forecasting, skills development, balancing supply and demand, 3rd party sourcing). Done correctly, resource management extends its impact beyond services operations.

RMaaS provides a fast, flexible and highly functional turnkey solution for PSOs. With RMaaS, your organization can put more focus on the core business of client delivery while having more predictable staff utilization and operating costs. With the short time-frame to implement and significant ROI through incremental utilization improvement, this can be an ideal way to impact your margins in the current fiscal year.

This paper examines why this new form of business process outsourcing can bring your organization the benefits of predictable utilization and improved project performance at a manageable cost.

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