Assessing Your Resource Management Readiness

resource management processes

Do you have issues with quality or project failures? How is your company doing managing utilization of available resources? Are you struggling to maintain reasonable levels of user/customer satisfaction?

Most IT services operations have (wisely) invested in operational processes for quality and project management, but not always for resource management. There are many reasons for this, but the science of resource management and therefore acceptance and implementation of real resource management has lagged PM and quality processes. These same organizations go through the usual ups and downs of process execution, making necessary adjustments as prescribed by their chosen quality or project management process. Resource management again is either overlooked or receives inconsistent attention, all while the underlying causes of failure in quality or project performance are often directly related to a simple failure of not having the right person with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

This complimentary guide is intended as a self-assessment tool for companies that want to better understand how their execution of resource management processes are contributing to or inhibiting project performance and overall IT affordability. This guide also provides context and assessment ideas for other operational implications of resource management.

RTM Consulting wants you to achieve the full benefits of resource management. It may only require a few adjustments or a fresh perspective. Enjoy the paper.

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