Compugen Leverages Soft Skills Training to Improve Consultant Effectiveness in Communications and Opportunity Management while Accelerating New Hire Productivity

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Client Situation

Compugen is a leading Canadian IT solutions provider and integrator operating nationally through the dedicated efforts of skilled and experienced consultants and certified technicians in 15 offices coast to coast. Supporting the company’s growth, Professional Services has become an increasingly important element of Compugen’s solutions portfolio. This growth drove the need for Compugen to evolve and transform the soft skills of its Professional Services practitioners to better support the organization and meet the needs of its client base.

The Solution

RTM Consulting’s soft skills training focuses on enhancing the soft skills of consulting and PS personnel. The on-site, interactive workshop was tailored and delivered to Compugen by RTM Consulting’s PS professionals. Leveraging case studies to reinforce the learning experience, the curriculum was designed to help Compugen:

  • Accelerate the development and effectiveness of PS personnel
  • Complement the product, business and technical knowledge of their resources
  • Improve communications both internally and externally leading to improved client satisfaction
  • Gain insight and learnings on how to handle complex customer challenges in a team coaching and learning setting

The Result

RTM Consulting developed and delivered a curriculum tailored to Compugen’s business needs, processes and business practices. After the course, the company has experienced:

  • An increase in utilization and client satisfaction – due to accelerated skills development of consulting staff
  • Improved team play between delivery managers, project managers, consultants and account managers
  • Continuous improvement for consultants through a shared playbook for soft skills development
  • More targeted and successful client opportunity identification and management capabilities
  • Better internal and external collaboration and issue management – resulting in less problems escalating to management
“Investing in our Professional Services personnel is fundamental to delivering world class consulting to our clients and supporting the company’s growth. With the positive results we have experienced utilizing RTM Consulting’s curriculum, we plan to make soft skills training mandatory for all new Compugen consultants.”

— Marty Grosh, VP Professional and Managed Services, Compugen


RTM Consulting has over 100 years combined strategy and operational experience. We serve over 100 clients world wide, providing consulting, training, mentoring, and staffing services as well. Our focus is to launch, design, implement, and support transformative outcomes by providing guidance, leadership, and innovative frameworks to deliver proven and timely results.