Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics Rapidly Improves Overall Effectiveness with RTM Consulting’s Interactive Soft Skills Curriculum

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Client Situation

Mentor Graphics was experiencing significant organizational growth, marked by increasing project and team sizes, and an expanding global workforce. The company was heavily focused on maintaining quality controls throughout this growth period, and sought to invest in the development of their consultants by providing them with a high impact training program to increase their overall effectiveness.

The Solution

Mentor Graphics selected RTM Consulting’s soft skills curriculum to address these issues. The on-site, interactive workshop was tailored and delivered by RTM Consulting’s seasoned PS professionals, leveraging case studies to reinforce the learning experience, and designed to help Mentor Graphics:

  • Improve the ability of their consultants to build trust and credibility with clients
  • Improve the execution of their engagement processes
  • Improve their overall Professional Services results

The Result

Mentor Graphics began seeing results almost immediately after the administration of the course, generating real returns, even in a tough economic climate. Paul Hofstadler, VP of Worldwide Consulting for Mentor Graphics, reports that “feedback from sessions held across 4 continents has been universally positive and enthusiastic,” and that consultants have been able to:

  • More successfully deal with difficult situations as they arise
  • Produce more targeted and successful value-add proposals
  • Improve overall up-selling efforts, driving even greater revenue growth

RTM Consulting has over 100 years combined strategy and operational experience. We serve over 100 clients world wide, providing consulting, training, mentoring, and staffing services as well. Our focus is to launch, design, implement, and support transformative outcomes by providing guidance, leadership, and innovative frameworks to deliver proven and timely results.