TriZetto Enhances Consulting Capabilities with
RTM Consulting’s Soft Skills Development Practice

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Client Situation

Since its founding, TriZetto has undergone considerable growth and expanded both the size of its target market and its reach into the market through an expansion of its overall portfolio of offerings. As a result, the company’s Professional Services organization has also grown, focusing on delivering larger and more complex projects. This growth drove the need for TriZetto to evolve and transform the soft skills of its Professional Services practitioners to better support the organization and meet the needs of its client base.

The Solution

TriZetto selected RTM Consulting’s Soft Skills Development Solution to enhance its consulting capabilities. The on-site, interactive workshop was tailored and delivered by RTM Consulting’s seasoned PS professionals, leveraging case studies to reinforce the learning experience, and designed to help TriZetto:

  • Improve the ability of its consultants to build trust and credibility with the end client
  • Understand the dynamics of a client engagement and setting expectations for appropriate consultant actions
  • Apply techniques in client discussions that help present ideas persuasively and complement the consultant’s technical skills
  • Identify and appropriately pursue value creating opportunities on behalf of the client

The Result

By utilizing the tools and techniques learned in RTM Consulting’s Soft Skills Development Solution, TriZetto has enhanced the consulting soft skills of its Professional Services personnel to complement their product, business and technical knowledge. After the administration of the course, consultants are now:

  • More structured and effective in communicating with clients
  • More effective in client interactions with better success addressing and navigating difficult client situations
  • Better able to identify and pursue more targeted and successful up-sell opportunities

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