Ten Hottest Tips to Managing High Utilization

managing utilization

The most challenging aspect of running a Professional Services Organization (PSO) is managing the utilization of people. While there are many important aspects of managing a PSO, managing utilization of human capital is fundamental to making a profit. Unfortunately, the majority of PSOs in the market today do not achieve their full potential when it comes to fully utilizing human capital.

Most often, PSOs focus on all kinds of processes e.g. quality, project management, revenue recognition, and more. But few have a comprehensive and documented process for how they will manage resources and achieve a desired level of utilization. They have utilization measures, utilization targets, time recording procedures, project tracking mechanisms, and more. We do not see a well thought out process for ensuring that billable utilization is high and stays that way, every day, week after week, month after month. This gap in industry maturity is what led RTM Consulting to develop the Just-in-Time Resourcing® solution.

This complimentary paper is dedicated to those that need and want some simple and actionable ideas on how to effectively manage to a high utilization.

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