What is ‘After the Shift’?

Field and Support organizations are challenged today to replace traditional service offerings, where technical services are provided for a fixed price, to new models where technical services revenues are earned by delivering positive customer outcomes. The most challenging problem is a short-term financial one. As the operating models transition, the service organization finds itself unable to deliver short-term financial commitments and generate the investment dollars needed to enable a successful operating model transformation. This webinar provides specific actions services leadership need to take now to ensure they can shift from a traditional service supplier to a differentiated and highly competitive supplier delivering improved customer outcomes.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Effectively improve results to deliver current year commitments and provide investments required for business model transformation
  • Successfully migrate to a B4B business model
  • Strategically develop and gain alignment within your company to enable a successful transition
  • Survive, professionally and personally, by avoiding common failure modes

Ultimately, successful B4B companies will deliver superior financial performance (for themselves and their customers), an improved customer experience with their solution, and a significantly more engaged employee workforce.

Posted by / January 22, 2017