One of the most challenging aspects of running a service organization is managing the utilization of people. While there are many important aspects of managing a service organization, managing utilization of human capital is fundamental to making a profit. Unfortunately, the majority of service organizations in the market today do not achieve their full potential when it comes to fully utilizing human capital.

RTM Consulting is in the business of helping others with the complex problems of managing the utilization of human capital – commonly referred to as resource management. We find most often that service organizations focus on all kinds of processes e.g. quality, project management, revenue recognition and more, but few have a comprehensive and documented process for how they will manage resources and achieve the desired level of utilization.

This webinar is designed for those that need some simple ideas on how to effectively manage to achieve high utilization. These tips can help ensure that your billable utilization is high and stays that way, every day, week after week, month after month.

Posted by / January 22, 2017