Parts Management QuickStart Provides a Complete and Accelerated Solution for achieving Parts Management excellence for Field Services Operations

Cincinnati, August 20, 2015: Cincinnati-based RTM Consulting, the leading provider of Resource Management solutions for human capital intensive services operations, today announced the launch of its Parts Management QuickStart solution. With two proven and effective approaches, RTM Consulting can help field services operations quickly transform parts management to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

In one version of Parts Management QuickStart, RTM Consulting uses lean Six Sigma strategies to assess current parts ‘variability’ performance, identify possible quick hits to improve on the most poorly performing logical groups in parts performance, and leverage best practices from the best performing groups, while also applying RTM Consulting and industry best practices. In the second version of Parts Management QuickStart, output from an end-to-end assessment of current operations capabilities and performance defines the shortest path to improving parts management performance, overall parts costs and customer service levels.

“RTM Consulting has developed its Field Services (FS) transformation services to help technology companies define, develop and deliver value-added and outcomes focused FS capabilities required for market success,” said Randy Mysliviec, President and CEO, RTM Consulting. “With QuickStart we offer both tactical and strategic solutions to parts management that can quickly lead to a substantial and sustainable amount of cost savings while improving customer satisfaction.”

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About RTM Consulting
Specializing in Resource Management, Project/Portfolio and Knowledge Management, and Services Business Optimization, RTM Consulting helps IT hardware, software and support services organizations achieve the benefits associated with successful services portfolios. With its unique Just-in-Time Resourcing® solutions and Business Acceleration Services, RTM Consulting helps large, medium and small firms move beyond theory to practical application of industry best practices and achievement of exceptional results in the shortest possible period of time. For more information please contact RTM Consulting at

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