resource management certificationIn our work with resource managers in services organizations and internal IT departments, one of the key issues we see is their continuing struggle with effectively aligning the supply of resources with future demand.

Last year the Resource Management Institute certified numerous resource managers with modern resource management techniques that helped their organizations drive billable utilization improvements of 5 to 20% – saving millions of dollars annually.

Resource management certification promotes and supports competency development for resource management professionals. Additionally, the RMCP® program provides access to valuable thought leadership, best practices, networks and resources to help resource management professionals better manage human capital productivity and utilization.

If your challenged with effectively aligning the supply of resources with future demand, take a look at the Resource Management Institute and its RMCP® certification. Also, if you’re interested, there is an online training class starting next month – February 22. Click here for more details on the online certification program as well as details on what they certify, early bird pricing, application instructions and more.

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