psa ppm automation softwareThe Resource Management Institute frequently conducts short surveys to help professionals compare and contrast their Resource Management operations to their peers. Administered online, participants who complete the short surveys will receive the consolidated data back after the survey closes. Each survey explores various aspects of running Resource Management operations such as:

  • Strategy and Management
  • Process
  • Automation Tools
  • Typical resource management challenges
  • The profession of being an RM or RMO Leader

A new survey on Automation Tools, including PSA and PPM software, is now open. Information collected from this survey will focus on what software respondents use and how they use it, how satisfied are respondents with the software implemented and how applicable they are to the management of their resources, and the use of spreadsheets outside of the tools that are implemented. Participation in the survey is open to anyone and can be accessed by using this link – RMI Survey Series – Automation Tools. For questions about the RMI please visit

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