Many services organizatioPSA software selectionns contemplate new PSA software solutions but need help in getting started. They need help in defining and prioritizing what’s important in a new solution. Another key challenge many organizations face is understanding the landscape of providers and sorting through the list of who’s who and which solution is the best fit.

We understand the leading practices needed to support the professional services business and know the landscape of software providers in the PSA market.

  • Understanding Business Needs – One of the most common mistakes in PSA deployments is implementing sub-optimal processes in a new PSA solution. Defining the right processes and identifying the most critical (and realistic) needs is the first and most important step in the journey.
  • PSA Vendor Selection – Selecting the right vendor requires teasing out what is real and what is marketing material. RTM Consulting has implemented PSA solutions and has customers using a variety of PSA solutions – we have seen them in action.
  • Application Architecture – Understanding which system is the source of truth for each function and how each system in the ecosystem communicates with each other is a critical part of the overall PSA solution.

For a deeper dive into PSA Evaluation and Selection, download a PDF copy of our brochure.

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