The most effective Professional Services Organizations recognize that skills development cannot be done in the margins and view training as a strategic initiative that requires thoughtful planning vs. a one-time event. They foster a culture of continuous learning and align learning and development with the role and career progression goals of their employees.

During this 30-minute on-demand webcast we discuss PS University – our unique approach to professional services skills development.

  • A programmatic approach (vs. event based) to learning and development to support ongoing development and increase adoption of behaviors learned – to help make them stick
  • PS-specific curriculum designed and delivered by PS practitioners
  • PS-specific courses organized like a college curriculum to support career progression
  • Learner Paths mapped to typical roles in a consulting or PS organization that provide a blueprint for learners to follow
  • Flexible, technology-enabled delivery options including virtual classes, online testing and reporting

Whether you are looking for an entire curriculum of training or a specific course, PS University provides your Professional Services Organization with the professional services training your employees need to be successful. Check out the webcast.

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