PS Digital is our holistic approach to helping professional and consulting services organizations keep pace with a rapidly changing technology landscape. How people use technology in their everyday lives is fundamentally changing how businesses have to operate to meet customer and marketplace demands. Simply automating a manual process is not enough. Key opportunities unique to the professional and consulting industry include:

  • Emergence and maturity of PSA solutions as “ERP for Services”
  • The need to leverage data, BI and AI for better decision-making
  • Collaboration technology for connected ecosystems
  • Enabling an integrated customer experience

We launched the PS Digital Survey Series to explore trends and challenges in PS Digital Transformation. In our research report on Professional Services Automation we try to answer basic questions of PSA satisfaction and the level of PS automation within organizations. Key takeaways from the survey include:

  • PSA solutions have matured considerably over the last number of years and are now widely adopted
  • While companies are implementing PSA solutions, in most cases they are automating old or insufficient processes
  • PSA solutions are poorly integrated across the Professional Services landscape resulting in a significant amount of needless manual work

Interested in learning more? Download your complimentary copy of the research report today!

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