Knowledge Management (KM) is the collection of processes that govern the creation, dissemination and utilization of knowledge that exists within the organization.

The Challenge

In the current competitive environment, creation, management and utilization of knowledge to generate business intelligence is a crucial differentiator. Organizations are delivering complex and more advanced solutions as services offerings to sustain and grow businesses. These advanced, complex solutions need to leverage the knowledge within the organization to support faster turnaround times with the highest possible quality to keep customers satisfied with their services/products. Organizations are continuously challenged to how effectively they are utilizing organizational knowledge and resources.

Our Solution

RTM Consulting has experienced Knowledge Management professionals who are uniquely positioned to help organizations effectively use and leverage their information through knowledge management processes, services, approaches and tools to impact business results that provides a competitive edge for our clients.

Our Approach

RTM Consulting has created a Knowledge Management Framework based on years of experience in KM consulting, and observation and creation of industry best practices.

Using our Knowledge Management Framework we help clients to quickly assess what their knowledge needs are, identify where the knowledge sources are and efficiently build processes that will help to kick start the seamless flow of knowledge within the organization thus improving sales and selling approaches, avoiding mistakes and rework, linking people to expertise and other applications of enterprise knowledge.

As part of Knowledge Management consulting services, we can help you accelerate progress in KM by:

  • Development of an effective KM strategy and goals
  • Conducting Knowledge Assessments to understand and identify best practices gaps
  • Designing and implementing KM processes and taxonomy
  • Identifying and assisting in implementing tools/technology as KM enablers
  • Managing and monitoring the KM program
  • Improving existing KM processes using industry best practices
  • Defining metrics and building processes to accurately measure results

Apart from offering Knowledge Management services for the entire enterprise, we also provide KM solutions to specific departments or functions like Support Services and Professional Services to help them achieve efficiency in delivering their services and achieving better ROI.

Contact RTM Consulting to gain access to our insights and experience with this critical aspect of running your business. For a downloadable brochure about our Knowledge Management Services Practice, click here.