What is it?

Shift to the Left is about moving high cost services delivery channels to lower cost delivery channels. It combines an innovative Strategic Framework and Transformational Model, as well as the effective use of remote solutions to appropriately shift services delivery from on-site to on-call and on-line. Remote solutions are the ability to use people, process and technology to enable flexibility and provide services regardless of customer location.

Why is it important to me?

In today’s increasingly competitive world, customers are always looking for better response times, improved up-time, lower costs, a more personalized experience and the ability to take full advantage of all that your solutions provide them in running their business more successfully. Your company’s leadership and shareholders are always looking for better financial results, lower costs, greater revenue, increasing productivity and ultimately a better return on their invested capital.

When this Shift to the Left is done effectively it enables companies to deliver step function improvements in cost and bottom line results and simultaneously provides a better and more personalized customer experience.

Our Solution and Approach

RTM Consulting’s innovative Shift to the Left strategy combines our unique Strategic Framework and Transformation Model designed to help you develop, implement and deliver services to your customers in a manner that helps you shift from the right to the left as depicted in the graphic below.

The concept is simple. Use remote solutions to appropriately shift your services delivery to the left along on-site, on-call and on-line continuum and simultaneously lower your costs and improve the time to problem resolution.

RTM Consulting has developed a quick benefits calculator to help you begin to assess the potential opportunity available to your company. Fill your own data in the Shift to the Left Benefits calculator and see the significant opportunity available when you execute your Shift to the Left strategy.


Effectively implementing a Shift to the Left strategy not only delivers a step function improvement in your cost structure, but by delivering service via whatever channel your customer most desires you are providing a differentiated end to end experience for your customers.

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