The Challenge

Both Consumers and Providers of outsourcing services are concerned with labor costs, and the quality and predictability of services received or provided.

Providers of outsourcing services in this increasingly competitive global market must master human capital management to achieve higher resource utilization, improved margins, and better quality and predictability of their services.

Consumers of outsourcing services can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of vendors and outsourcing models available to choose from, and often need guidance identifying the companies that deploy highly efficient resource management methods, securing favorable and appropriate contract specifications, and managing ongoing delivery requirements and relationships with their vendors.

The Solution

RTM Consulting is the industry’s foremost authority on effective and efficient human resource management, adding substantial value for both providers and consumers of outsourcing services by improving resource utilization and effectiveness. Our staff has extensive experience working for some of the largest outsourcing companies in the world, and we bring that experience to our clients in the form of business transformation consulting focused on helping you produce better results.

We help outsourcing Providers transform their resource management processes to achieve higher margins, produce better quality and predictability of their services, and deliver highly competitive offerings to the market. We can even work with your practitioners to help them improve their client-facing skills, communicate more strategically, and identify and foster more revenue generating opportunities.

Consumers of outsourcing services seek our advisory services for help with the development of proven, effective outsourcing strategies, the identification of reputable vendors with track-records of efficient resource management – including contracts criteria and specifications, and ongoing assistance with procurement and vendor management. This helps to eliminate the most common objections and roadblocks to initiating, maintaining, or expanding an outsourcing strategy, and gives you much greater control over the price, quality, and predictability of services received.

Outsourcing Advisory Services Practice Areas:

  • Resource Management – Efficient and effective use of resources are essential to controlling the cost of labor, while ensuring predictable quality and project performance. We help outsourcing Providers and Consumers with business process transformation and automation required for ‘Getting the Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time’ with our Just-in-Time Resourcing® (JITR) solution.
  • Strategic Sourcing – For the outsourcing Consumer or Provider in the technology industry, determination of what to outsource vs. in-source is not always clear or easy. Our highly capable consultants have substantial prior experience with methodologies for making strategic sourcing choices.
  • Business Optimization – For the outsourcing Provider, our skilled practitioners help you identify and implement best practices necessary to transform your outsourcing business into the most efficient and effective operation possible.
  • Skills Development/Training – For the outsourcing Provider in the technology industry, we enhance the soft skills of your consulting and professional services personnel and customize a curriculum for mid to executive level management designed to help you outperform the competition.
  • Resource Management and Project Management Automation – For the outsourcing Provider, we provide an objective third party assessment and assistance in choosing the right Services Automation tool for your needs including the management of both internal and external resources – and assist you in attaining the benefits of your automation investment.

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