RTM Consulting’s Specialized Talent Acquisition Service, Premier Resource Network, Staffs Critical Resourcing Need for Informatica

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Client Situation

Following Informatica’s initial Resource Management Office (RMO) rollout to North America, the professional Services (PS) organization was in need of an additional, skilled resource manager to not only continue the RMO rollout, but also cover all centralized resourcing activities. Challenged with no time for training, a steep learning curve, and longer term RMO support needs, Informatica needed an experienced resource manager to step in and provide resource management support immediately.

The Solution

Informatica utilized RTM Consulting’s Premier Resource Network to quickly staff a critical Resource Management position to:

  • Step in with resource management process expertise and quickly get started working with clients
  • Provide day-to-day resource management operational support
  • More easily identify areas for improvement and address with best practice solutions
  • Serve as true “team member” and assist with numerous internal projects instead of being limited to a single deliverable in a work order
  • Continue executing the PS organization’s focus on optimization, capacity planning, subcontractor sourcing/vendor management and international RMO rollout

The Result

By leveraging RTM Consulting’s Premier Resource Network, Informatica was able to quickly staff an experienced Resource Manager position who started contributing immediately utilizing RTMC best practices in RM. Contributions:

  • Provided day-to-day operational support that allowed the RMO lead to perform necessary leadership and roll-out activities
  • Helped drive efficiencies by optimizing company processes and tools
  • Interviewed and selected RM team members
  • Utilized experience to create materials and provide RM mentoring to international team as well as new hires
  • Developed vendor management process
  • Created resource capacity reporting and assisted in aligning resource/role data in support of capacity analysis

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