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Our decades of experience in the services industry has helped us formulate curriculums, processes and approaches to address the skills development needs of services operators where we have observed other offerings have fallen short. In a nutshell, we offer practical training that your personnel can put into practice fast! Click here for a downloadable Training Catalog and learn more about RTM Consulting’s high impact training for services personnel.

Skills Development for Project Managers

Project Managers continually look to enhance their project management skills and drive successful delivery. To address this need – and give PMPs continuing education credits – RTM Consulting has built the following project management curriculum:

Project Management Fundamentals

Poor project execution is a leading driver of services margin erosion and poor customer satisfaction. Project Managers continually look to enhance their project management skills and drive successful delivery. Project Management Fundamentals is specialized PM training for the technology and software industries. The curriculum is designed to reinforce and improve good PM discipline and teach proven, practical aspects of sound project management to achieve breakthrough results and customer satisfaction. The training can be a classroom led or virtual interactive session with group discussion and individual exercises led by a qualified RTM Consulting instructor.

Practical Project Management for the Non-Project Manager

Many organizations have times where they find themselves asking delivery resources to step in and manage a project. But do those resources know how to:  Define and Manage Scope, Manage Stakeholders, Identify and Mitigate Risks and Issues, Communicate with Stakeholders, and Deal with Escalations – the fundamental skills anyone playing the role of a Project Manager needs. This course is designed to provide a foundational Project Management competency for resources who are not traditional Project Managers. This course is available in pre-recorded e-learning modules and can also be delivered by a qualified RTM Consulting instructor in a traditional classroom or virtual environment.

Practical Project Management for the Non Project Manager – On-demand Training

Course Objectives:
  • Introduce the field of project management and what it means to be a project manager
  • Understand the difference between being a part of a project team and being responsible for managing the project
  • Learn key elements of project management – why they are important and how to apply them
  • Learn practical techniques to help you step in and successfully manage a project
Purchase Instructions:
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  • Purchase price is $299 for 90-day 24×7 access
  • For Practical Project Management for the Non Project Manager on-demand training questions, please email
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Advanced Project Management Skills Development

A lot of time, money and effort is spent training project managers on methodologies. But do they really know how to: effectively engage with a client; manage scope creep; and effectively handle complaints and issues – the skills every project manager needs. The Advanced Project Management Skills Development training focuses on enhancing the soft skills of project managers to complement their methodology, business, and technical knowledge. The courses are modular and can be customized to meet your specific need and budget. Time commitment can range from one (1) hour for an individual course on-demand to one (1) day for all courses combined with case studies. Delivery methods can be combined to suit the needs of the audience.

Advanced Project Management Skills Development – On-demand Training

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