The Challenge

Every delivery leader would agree that consistent, standard, repeatable delivery execution is a goal of every organization. To achieve this, professional and consulting services organizations need a strong, industry-proven project management capabilities coupled with the right management and governance structure to measure and monitor the project portfolio.

Addressing these challenges requires you to answer the following questions:

  • Do we have a standardized approach to project management that is widely adopted and uniformly applied?
  • Do project managers and others have the skills and training required to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively?
  • Do we have appropriate processes and tools in place to provide a view of the entire project portfolio on demand?
  • Have we defined and communicated the right controls and metrics by which all projects should be managed?
  • Do we have a Project Management Organization, or PMO, that drives all of this?

If you answered ‘no’ to one or more of the questions above, then you have an opportunity to improve your project management execution. Poor project execution is a leading driver of services margin erosion and poor customer satisfaction. RTM Consulting can help you solve for these challenges.

Our Services

RTM Consulting provides a number of services to assist you in improving the way your organization manages projects and governs the overall delivery portfolio.

Project & Portfolio Management Assessment
RTM Consulting will review the end-to-end management of your projects, from inception to close, both at the individual project execution level and from the portfolio governance perspective, to identify opportunities for improvement in process and data standardization, automation, and organizational behavior.

  • The scope and effectiveness of your PMO, or the need to establish one
  • Project management methodologies, practices and tools
  • Project and portfolio measurement framework
  • Project planning, scoping and change management practices
  • Supporting tools and infrastructure

The output of the assessment will provide your organization with a prioritized set of recommendations to achieve measurable improvement to your project performance.

Project & Portfolio Management Optimization
Whether it is based on the needs identified in the assessment phase, or targeting a specific area of project management execution, RTM Consulting will lead or assist you in implementing best practices to drive more consistency and transparency with project management. Services for this include:

  • Project Management Methodology Development and Standardization: RTMC will help you develop or enhance the right approach for your project while adhering to industry standards (i.e. PMBOK) for execution.
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Optimization: RTMC will help you create the right PMO for your organization, or get more value and results from your existing PMO.
  • PMO QuickStart: The effort to effectively and adequately redefine processes, implement automation, and change the behavior of the team for managing projects and portfolios takes time. Services leaders, however, often need results in weeks, not months. To address this, RTM Consulting has developed our PMO QuickStart which combines the assessment phase activities with targeted optimization recommendations to accelerate your speed-to-value.

Project Management Training
Project Managers continually seek to enhance their project management skills and drive successful delivery. To address this need – and give PMPs continuing education credits – RTM Consulting offers a highly-regarded project management curriculum focused on:

  1. Project Manager Accountability – Level setting and helping PMs to better understand their responsibilities, management and customer expectations, and their interactions with Regional and Global PMOs, all to help standardize expectations and practices globally.
  2. Project Manager Responsibility, Authority, and Assessment – Designed to help PS managers better understand their PM’s responsibilities and to facilitate granting PMs a greater level of authority over all aspects of a project. We will also help to ensure that your PS organization has the tools needed to properly measure and audit the project team’s progress.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Adobe Partners with RTM Consulting to create a Project Management Office (PMO) with standardized tools, governance processes and quality gates. Read the case study.

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