The Workforce Management Challenge for Field Services

Workforce Management (WFM) is all about getting the right resources in the right place at the right time. WFM assists with the process of getting technicians dispatched to where they need to be through sound processes for forecasting, dispatching, skills mix management, understanding your customer’s demands, and use of modern WFM automation tools. A successful WFM practice will assist in getting the most out of your team. Labor shortages, supply chain issues, pandemic impacts, rising costs, and demanding customers all lead to a difficult operating environment. A highly disciplined WFM process, with the right supporting technology, is required to manage human capital in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Our Solution and Approach to Workforce Management for Field Services

RTM Consulting introduced Just-in-Time Resourcing® (JITR) solutions to help companies with the complex task of getting the right person in the right place at the right time. Just-in-Time Resourcing® is our process solution for highly efficient management of a human capital-intensive operation. We help companies build the right set of capabilities to accomplish the most efficient use of human capital for most any services operation. In field services, human capital costs (technicians) are typically a majority of your total costs, so, a proper WFM process solution such as JITR is vital.

Workforce Management field services

Consulting Services Examples

Via our proven assess and architect approach to our consulting engagements, we will rapidly assess your current operating environment for WFM, and architect a future state approach to process design and technology enablement. Once that design is completed, we can help implement needed changes using the latest in change management best practice, and help you achieve desired results at the earliest possible time.

Example #1:  Workforce Efficiency and Technician Utilization

How do we do the best possible job of serving the most customer incidents effectively for the least possible cost? Building a process to effectively match supply with demand in a modern field services operation is not easy, but something we at RTMC have been helping customers do for more than ten years. Our Just-in-Time Resourcing® solutions provide the building blocks you need for consistently managing and maintaining a balance of technician capacity to customer service demand, maximizing customer service at the lowest possible cost.

Example #2:  Digital Transformation

Over time many companies are burdened with a patch work for WFM tools, poor integration of systems, or just have outgrown the capabilities their existing systems were designed for.


Our Workforce Management practice can review your existing WFM operation, make recommendations for improvement and drive these initiatives to completion. RTM Consulting will assess your environment versus our proven framework that will help you deliver services required to build loyalty and grow revenue at the lowest possible cost.

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White Paper: Workforce Management 3.0 – Redefining the Discipline of Workforce Management

We have been studying best practices in both resource and workforce management for more than a decade. As discussed in this paper, there are clear distinctions in the marketplace between resource and workforce management. This paper will address some of those distinctions, and more importantly, the evolution of WFM and how it will become part of a bigger ecosystem known as resource management.

POV: Resource Management vs. Workforce Management

RTMC has been setting the industry standard for resource management. Our philosophy is that your resources are your most valuable asset, therefore, it is vital to get these processes right. COO and Managing Partner Marc Lacroix shares his views on resource management as a broader view of the workforce management function encapsulating a more holistic view of all resources.