Training JPGThe Statement of Work (SOW) sets the framework for a project and, often, the project’s smooth implementation and completion are dependent on that comprehensive, detailed and well written SOW.

SOWs with incomplete or inaccurate details can often result in tension and conflict within delivery teams, contribute to unsatisfied customers, and possibly introduce potential legal and/or financial risks. Writing a complete and effective SOW does not happen by chance. It requires a strong process for development, approval, and governance which can be boiled down to finite skill sets and best practice processes that can be learned. That’s why we developed our new SOW writing course, The Art of Writing an SOW. This course will provide your team with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to write full scope, detailed SOWs and ensure more successful project delivery.

Quick plug, our training curriculum is developed from over 100 years of combined experience delivering full life-cycle consulting and training for companies worldwide. Our approach offers practical training, in a comprehensive format which your team can implement immediately.

Contact RTM Consulting to discuss delivering the SOW Writing course to your consulting/professional services teams. Click here to learn more, or download our brochure for more information.

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